🚩Is India suffering from Sikh Phobia, or are they simply building it up once again❔✒GBG⚔

©🚩Is India suffering from Sikh Phobia, or are they simply building it up once again❔✒GBG⚔

1. I will begin by verily proclaiming, as if from atop Mount. Sinai, that Politicians have no religion, but they repeatedly use the handle of religion to churn trouble to suite their shallow goals.

2. Sikhs, the common Sikhs got battered in 84, for no fault of their's and were made to feel like 3rd rate citizens inspite of having rendered first grade services to our nation. Ordinary Muslims, going around with living their ever so common lives were similarly battered in Gujrat.  This was tragic, and unluckily the phenomena does not seem to be dying.

3.  Mrs Gandhi's assassination by her own guards, while staying in service of  our late PM, and using their duty hours, wearing their duty uniform, using their duty  weapons and duty ammunition,  to carry out her assassination was unethical,  unbecoming, tragic and uncalled for under any given circumstances, but also at the same time, an instigated mass violence  initiated against the sikh identity as a reaction was equally tragic, criminal, unethical, unjust and uncalled for.

4.  Some people are talking about those dark times to be forgotten. I have seen all that from close quarters. Having lost my dearest Sikh family member to terrorist bullets, having lost my good friends to the anti-sikh mob violence, how can any one who has seen all this so up close, ever forget all the madness that prevailed .

5.  The anger in any sikh, against the mob violence of 84 is natural, and singularly the most isolating factor for Sikhs.

6.  Last but not the least, let me be amply clear that all Sikhs are not Indians and all Indians are not hindus. Hindus as well as Sikhs and muslims are citizens of many different countries across globe.

7. Thus,  If a Canadian Sikh, comes to visit the Golden temple, and  says some thing, why should his statement be used to drum up a false battle against sikh youth in punjab, as if it is not a simple expression of regret, but a trumpet call for re-igniting a separatist movement in Punjab. This most simply put is  sheer  politics.

8.  In light of this, let our present honourable Prime minister, Shri N. Modi, not be guided by political foxes of Punjab politics, just like the Late Madam Prime minister was. Because  when the very man on top is politically prejudiced against imaginary circumstances prevailing in a nation's border state, some very vicious sets of circumstances, may get set in motion, to a great disadvantage of Punjab, aswellas India, both.

9. Let Harjit Sajjan say and express what he feels, why our governments should behave and act as if he represents the sepratists, rather than canada as a nation,  and then let the brown hounds and black cats out, announcing  a new witch hunt. Do the politicians think that people are so dumb.

10. Canadian Defense minister is only speaking his mind out as a sikh. Let him do that and go back home in peace, and so should we, go on minding our own business.Period.

11. Treating Harjit as a sikh rather than the Defense minister of Canada and treating Justin Trudo as Harjit's friend rather than the Prime minister of Canada was, is and will remain  a diplomatic blunder, a political blooper, an absolute boo-boo, a major  faux pas,  an international goof up, a political wisdom lapse,  a huge international slip and stumble  on part of India.

12.  Afterall, did our own PM not visit Palestine recently, and has the ISIS and Lashkar and other radicals not have, or have had  relations with PLO ?

13.  But in all this hobnobbing and pull and push, if a new strategy to brewup fresh trouble, in already battered punjab is being planned by our own politicians, they better be damned and warned at the same time. They shall miserably fail this time.

14.   How can Canada's Defense minister suddenly become so dangerous for India, or is it just that he happens to be a sikh, and in that case, is India suffering from Sikh-phobia, or are they all just making it up. In both the cases, its stupid, dumb and unfounded.

🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
.📿Guru Balwant Gurunay ⚔

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