© Can Sikhs forget 1984❔❔@ ✒ GBG ⚔

© Can Sikhs  forget 1984❔@ ✒ GBG ⚔

1.  It is surprising that some people expect the Sikhs to forget 1984. My plain rebuttal is, Why should they forget 1984?  Yes getting past 84, getting over it is a possibility, but this must be allowed to happen over a period of time.

2.  The healing must take place, but to ask a community not to talk about the wounds, or not show their scars is not only irrational, but psychologically not right aswell.

3. 1984 is a tragic benchmark year in Sikh history, as the common sikhs forming the general public, the innocent traders and farmers, employees of indian state, even the Sikhs serving in the indian army, travelling in uniform,  were massacred, looted, their women raped,  men and children mercilessly butchered and burnt alive on the streets of India, for no fault of theirs.

4.  Let's not forget that Sikhs are a history based  community. They do not trace their roots to some mythical story, but they have their  roots in real time and space in recent history, and their history is embedded in war, sacrifice, suffering and turmoil.

5.  We can not undermine  that Sikhs believe in recording their history. It is traditional and can not be stopped, thus 1984 can not be forgotten or wished away.

6.  It is fully agreed that the fortification of Harimandir sahib complex was wrong. We all know that  the dark period of  terrorism, and the killing of innocent hindus and Sikhs by sikh and other terrorists during this time was unjust, unethical and criminal, but the Indian state too, is equally responsible for the whole mess.

7.  Indian state  messed up the show by blasting the GT complex, on Baisakhi day, thereby killing hoardes of pilgrims along with the kharkoos,  holed in and around the Golden temple complex..

8.  Verily, I can say, that here were not just one, but many other alternative options  available with the Indian state to sort out the issue of Punjab terrorism, but the state decided to use the most unsophisticated and raw strategy to sort  out the issue through a historical fiasco, infamous today as Op. Blue Star.

 9.  The whole handling of situation, politically, diplomatically, and  via forces was pathetic. It was a cauldron where too many cooks were in competition, stirring and screwing up the same dish, trying to make small  look huge, and via that seeking undue rewards and awards, and just about messing it up. ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਕਹੀਏ ਤਾਂ, 'ਅੰਨੀ ਪੀਸ ਰਹੀ ਸੀ, ਅਤੇ ਕੁੱਤੇ ਚੱਟ ਰਹੇ ਸੀ।'

10.  Personally I very much criticise the state's handling of the situation, as much as much as I condemn the fortification of Harimandir complex by Kharkoos. They too could have carried the battle much ahead, and in a more professional manner,  if they had a better strategist to show them the true way of the guerrillas.

9.  Coming back to forgetting 84, the Sikhs, who have a tradition of maintaining a recorded history, can not tear away the pages that register the happenings of 1984 from their historical records.

10.  Yes sir, it is too unfair to ask the Sikhs to forget 1984, but still, moving ahead, forgiving the sins of all the demons of that era, and looking forward to a  better era  is an option.

11. Undoubtedly, healing and correction is possible, but this needs being done with empathy in mind, ensuring dignity to a proud and a martial community, and not dirty politics.

13.  Why the voice of dissent keeps rising from as far as canada repeatedly is,  because most of the Sikhs settled in Canada, belong to that generation of Sikhs, which has been directly effected by  the mishaps of 1984. So asking them to forget it all as if it is so easily forgettable,  is only adding salt to their wounds.

12.  What is actually required is a straightforward apology, as many times as possible, and a sincere healing touch.

13.  Yes this is also true that the Sikhs too need to move forward. History is never the place to get one's feet stuck in. The community must forgive and move forward, as well as keep looking for new paradigms for the community to emerge as a progressive international community.

14.  I dont think that the general public in canada or India want to carryforward the bitterness. Most of the people want to give peace and harmony a fair chance.

15.  Having said this, why is it that the issue pops up time and again?

16. Well,  the main villains in the story were, and still are the politicians, who continue to raise the bogey call of sikh separatism.

17.  In India  it is done  to divert public attention from the more  real and pressing issues of development, farmer suicides, drugs, cancer,  law and order, and other issue, and in Canada, it is  done only to ensure that the politicians  keep the Sikh votebank on their side, with or without the call for Khalistan. It doesn't really matter much to a Canadian politician. Period.

May better sence prevail.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
📿 Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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