© DO SIKHS WANT 🚩KHALISTAN❓ OR THE 🚩WHOLE WORLD🚩 ? The choice is theirs to make. ✒GBG⚔

© DO SIKHS WANT KHALISTAN OR THE WHOLE WORLD ? The choice is their's to make. ✒GBG⚔

1. Quite recently as the Canadian Prime Minister and Defense Minister were visiting India, the issue of Khalistan suddenly caught the headlines once again, as also the issue was deliberately flared up, to raise some bogey calls, for a false witch hunt.

2.  I was suddenly reminded of the Raj days, when to please the rulers that be, when ever a raj dignitary visited an Indian state, a tiger hunt would be organised. In case there were no tigers in the local jungle, an old tiger would be trapped from a far off place, encaged and put up in a place in the local jungle, and then a hunt would be organised. In plain words, the aim was to build excitement around the tiger hunt, and thus divert the attention of one and all, from real issues.

3.  In Punjab, the Khalistan issue today,  is like a non existent tiger, which is some how made to come alive, as and when required by the politicians.

4.  There are demons of drugs, unemployment,  farmer loans, farmer suicides and cancer, which  need more attention and energy, than bringing alive the ghost of Khalistan, and doing the nautanki of tackling it.

5.  Canadians came calling on India. So what, if the delegation had as its part, a very powerful Canadian Sikh presence, in form of Canada's Defense minister and many other Canadians, with  sikh  or hindu Indian roots?

6.  The fact is that they came, visiting India as Canadians, and being Sikhs their sentimental attachment with Golden temple, is quite natural.

7.  The Indian intelligence setup, and their political bosses, built up a false fire for no rhyme or reason, stalling regular diplomacy in the process. Undoubtedly the Indian state could have shown more maturity in dealing with the Canadians.

8.  In terms of a bogey call for an independent Punjab, let us for once and for all understand  that the true sikh dominance of punjab, ended a long time back in history. 

9.  Today even in a shrunken Punjabi Suba, in the last term the Akalis could not form a government without going in with an alliance with BJP, and in the recent one the Akalis representing Sikhs in alliance with Hindu BJP, lost to the secular congress, and AAP parties. This speaks volumes on how the demography of punjab sits today.

10.  Thus  we  must realistically see that, a Sikh Punjab, as it was historically,   is today,  a dissolved reality.

11.  A lot of water has flown under the bridges of the five rivers, since Ranjit Singh's Raj.

12.  Pepsu got reduced, and then an already shrunk Punjab, was further shrunk as a result of a irrational demand for a Punjabi suba.

13.  AS a result, Himachal and Harayana became independent of a larger punjab, rather than Punjab becoming independent of the Indian Federation.

14.  In brief, a huge state of the Indian Union, got shrunk in to a pygmy little entity.

15.  Then once again,  the whole drama of independence for sikhs was enacted, by state sponsored actors leading a troupe of half educated or uneducated emotional fools.

16.  The drama was played out, with its murderous music, with many acts full of murders of innocents, pulled out of roadways buses, followed by brutality of extra judicial killings by black cats, labourer blood bath around SYL,  and much more,  culminating in bloody Op Blue Star and even bloodier Op Black thunder.

17. All this and more tragic things were experienced, during that black period. Murder of Finance minister, Sirdard Balwant Singh, murder of Mr. Sekri, Chief engineer SYL, and Sirdard A.S. Aulakh, the deputy Chief of SYL, and killing of numberless youth as a result of kharkoovaad and counter police action , ultimately proved a great loss to Punjab and Punjabiyaat at large, and sikhs in particular.

18.  Then we can not forget that the biggest cause of downfall of the Sikhs has always been the Sikhs themselves. Satguru Nanak's true way has never truly been followed.

19. This is clear from the fact that today, the Mazhabi Sikhs, the Ramdasiyaas, the Jatt Sikhs, the Ramgarhiyaas, and so many others are so divided amongst themselves that they have different community based gurudwaras in the same village.
Forget the Sahajdharis, they are not even allowed to vote for SGPC elections.

20.  So my question is, that where is a Sikh Punjab? Sorry honourable friends, such an entity stands long since dissolved, sadly so although.

21.  Let me verily proclaim that the only possibility of a K State is after the 3rd WW, if at all any such struggle takes place, which only the Akaal can see or say. People like me wish that no such war ever takes place, and that the progressive spirit of science, should now takeover the unscientific, emotional , faith based,  belief and passion driven spirit of any and all religions.

22.  Some people even talk of a referendum, and some of an armed struggle. Both these are incorrect paths. 

23.  Referendum is not possible in India or other similar politico-socio spaces, because it is just not practical. People are emotional fools, who do not understand the ground realities.

24. Where the masses are unable to choose a good leader for them selves, what will be the result of a referendum ? Certainly a destructive and unrealistic one.

25. The way of the armed rebellion is only possible in a given time and space, which is neither seen in near future, nor advisable by any standards of sanity.

26. Even if  a nation like KS comes up, who will run it, what laws will they follow ? Suddenly one odd lobby would ask all women to cover their heads, or only wear long hair and beard,  and so forth and so on.

27.  All  talk on KS is nothing but an effort to shake the Indian Apple cart, and let me assure you, all this could be very counter productive for Sikhs.

28. So, in this complete irrational tamasha being politically built up to fool the world, the Sikhs, the punjabis and the Indian nation, I only see drama loaded with  some comedy but loads of tragedy.

29.  Although I have another path to offer aswell, a path of peace and progress.

30.  In my humble but very considered opinion, the Sikhs should work towards emerging, as an international cosmopolitan community, which is more focussed on overall wellness of the progressive humanity, rather than being interested in controlling a small territory, to call their own.

31.  Sikhs must develop an outlook where they belong to the whole big world, and the world belongs to them.

32.  In my well considered opinion, Sikhs are an extremly progressive and adaptive community, respectful and sensitive to different cultures, and in light of it they must focus on their universalism to grow and cherish.

33.  Today,  A sikh being the army chief of Singapore, a sikh being a Malaysian police chief of Jails, a sikh being Defense Minister of Canada, a sikh being a Mayor in America, a Sikh having been india's President, a Prime minister and Indian army chief are much bigger acheivements, than some Tota singh,  Maina Kaur, or a Langham Singham being ministers in Punjab.

34. Going by all this, Khalistan is too narrow a demand in today's Sikh Perspective.

35.  Rather than drumming up a call for Khalistan, the Sikhs should drum up a call for being made world citizens and continue to move forward as international world contributors, builders, warriors and leaders.

36.  With the sikh philosophy of universal brotherhood and their undying zeal for serving humanity, Sikhs should in today's context be working for and fighting for wold peace, and the whole world shall be theirs, and they shall thus belong to the whole world.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
©🙏📿Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔🙏

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