🚩Is the 'Modern Democratic State', 'Just a CHARADE'❓@✒GBG⚔

1.  Many people always wonder as to why do a few police officers and armymem, specially belonging to a particular religion or a region, get killed, just before some one decides to  pull the carpet from under the very feet, which helped them spread their political carpet in the first place, in disturbed areas across world ⁉  WHY

2.   Why school children get killed in Pakistan or America,  before a big action against rebels or political opponents dubbed as terror brigades takes place, in side or outside the borders of concerned nation ⁉  WHY❓

3.   Why folks are allowed to be mowed down Inspite of intelligence inputs being available ⁉  WHY❓

4.  Why chemical weapons are sniffed in Iraq and Syria,  and why Saddam and Gaddafi get dubbed as devil reincarnates, before being mauled, bombed and destroyed  by the so called protectors of democracy and humanity. ⁉  WHY❓

5.   Why the retreating American army, leaves hundred plus M1A1 tanks, Scores of Humvees, artillery pieces, and scores of APCs lined up in Mosul, as they leave all this military hardware, nicely 'Stacked and Packed' only to be taken and used by ISIS. I mean, 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot'. The question still stands good ⁉  WHY❓

6.  The reason is simple, the modern corrupt state, runs on popular vote, affected by public opinion, manipulated by  paid media,  and purely stage-managed  terror acts, assassinations and intercommunal  riots stage managed by intel agencies,  as the state depends on all this lying, manipulation and staged and  managed acts of violence,  for it's survival.

7.   Many of the events like assassinations, suicide bombings, terror strikes, lynchings, industrial strikes, dharnas, and riots,  are  purely stage managed  events, made to pass as unsuspect events,  by  the intel agencies and operatives, to manipulate public opinion.

8.    This is not my opinion alone, but has often been said/confessed,  in public or secret interviews, by ex intel operatives and officers.

9.   If some one is to enquire as to why all this is done, a one line answer,  to this would be, that all this is done to set the stage for the next political drama.

10.  Some assassinations, terror strikes, or even the whole big sepratist movements,  are in fact nothing more than government sponsored  dirty work, aimed at 'Sentimental Blackmail', of gullible public opinion.

11.  All this is abhorently sad and shocking and condemnable in the strongest possible words.

12.  Thus,  going by all the money being paid to media, the teaming up of tycoons and politicians, and the stage managed acts of assassinations and terror, is it not possible  that the modern democratic states are just but CHARADES, depending up on false flag  and smoke screen operations  ❓
In my opinion and many others like me,  with some learned and some earned insight, this most certainly is true.
🚩तत्त सत्त अकाल🚩
🔱✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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