📿A short Introduction to Tasawwuf @ ✒ GBG⚔

1.  Tasawwuf, also referred to as Sufism  is  the 'Esoteric' dimension of knowing or realising the core truths of existence via certain practices, kriyas,  mental exercises, silence or music and dance.

2.   Those who believe in God, as this or that, or as described in this or that religion, or as mine or yours, end up fighting with each other, unknowingly indulging in  'SHIRK'.

3.  As in the 'NonDual'   existence of energy, because of its flow/vibration as matter, the presence of 'MAYA', or Illusion is inevitable.

4.   Most of us are lost in Maya, or the material manifestation of Energy and thus can not ever realize 'Truth', as where there is 'Shirk', Truth can not exist,  and there  the Tasawwuf refuses to be functional.

5.  Some of you might say that 'SHIRK'  basically refers to polytheism, but  dear friends, beyond monotheism and polytheism, beyond the temples, mosques,  churches and gurudwaras lies the esoteric lifestyle of ISHAQ Haqeeqi.

6.   ISHAQ Haqeeqi,  refuses to be bound by any garb or external sign as it continues to serve 'Truth', without any condition, as at the same time refusing to be conditioned.

7.   Nanak, Kabir, Gobind, Meera, Bulleh Shah, Hashmat Shah, Mansoor and more have all been students and masters of Tasawwuf as a part of their diverse yet similar journeys.
©✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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