🚩Who killed Rajiv Gandhi ⁉ @✒ GBG⚔

1.  Was Ex.  Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi  assassinated by  LTTE ⁉

2.  Is it that LTTE  so much feared Rajiv, that they killed him fearing his return to power, and their further persecution. ⁉

3.   Rajiv was assassinated on 21 May 1991, but who gained by his assassination, LTTE or congress, or the Shrilankan politicians, or some very powerful Indian political leaders,  who returned to power, post  Rajiv's assassination, and did the drama of mourning the death of their boss, who was in fact  truly mourned, only by his widow Sonia, the mother to his two young kids.

4.   Central Bureau of Investigation, Special Investigation Team and many other  analysts and theorists,  became busy weaving conspiracy theories after the leader's death..

5.   One  huge question,  that continues to haunt me is, why Rajiv was killed,  who ordered, planned and executed the plan, when infact, he or the congress under him, were not expected to  return to power in 1991.  Had he stayed alive, LTTE  too would not have perished as fast as it did.

6.  LTTE gained nothing more than  a bad name, after conspiring, being made to conspire,  or being pushed in the conspiracy.

7.  Many theorists do hold that it was an inside job, but if so, can any one truly define 'INSIDE' for many of us.  By killing Rajiv Gandhi,  his enemies took his life, as at the same time giving a new lease of life to his party, the Congress.

8.  Journalist and author Faraz Ahamd has raised some very serious issues via  his book, 'An Inside Job'.  As per him,  a lot of people knew that Gandhi was going to get killed on the night of May 21, 1991.  My question is,  who were these people❓❓

9.   The LTTE  hand in the killing of Indian Prime minister, according to Faraz is nothing more than a blatant lie.  As per him, it is the Sri Lankan government, along with some other players, who actually got the  job done.

10.  If so, is it also not possible that  LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran  is not dead, but alive and kicking life somewhere, on some bloody secret resort island, or even in some secret Shrilankan jail.  ⁉

11.  The question still weighing heavy on many minds is, as to WHO KILLED Rajiv Gandhi Afterall, and Why ⁉ 

12.  In my humble opinion, to find the answer, we need to ask ourselves just two simple questions, as to who gained the most and who lost the most by Rajiv's death.

13.  Verily can I say that the gainers were, Congress opportunists like Sitaram Kesri, Narasimha Rao and their gang, along side the Shri-Lanka politicians, and Prabhakran and his very very inner circle guys ofcourse,  and the real losers were Rajiv's immediate family, that is Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul, period.

14.  Rest in Peace Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. This writeup is the minimum I could have done for you, a happy go lucky pilot, forced by circumstances to step in to the slushy, merky,  and shitty world of sub-continental politics.

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