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Received an interesting  article from an old academy brother.  Sharing it with friends.  During my army days I had the good fortune of meeting some excellent officers aswellas serving  with some absolute idiots, who  quite honestly were unworthy of leading even a gang of coolies, but had egos as tall as Eiffel tower. Thankfully they all got packed and sent home in good time, not reaching the rank, they most desired but least deserved, but sadly it was not before they had demotivated some young officers, young Jcos and men, thus damaging quite a few lives before being trashed by time. It was always fun to see some of them hanging around on extensions, even after superannuation.
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1.  Military is an instrument of State Policy.  Simply stated  it is a political tool.

2.  2000 IAS officers are ruling the nation, and their 44000 military counterparts are busy checking the chippings on some crockery and glasses as they hold courts of inquiries to fix blame,  or ticking a young officer for an accidental speck of dust on a  piece of furniture, or bullshitting some one for the alignment of a painting in an officer's mess, for which there already are more than adequate number of people to do the job.

3. The most socially, financially and legally ignorant lot of the country are military officers, put in charge of innocent and naive military men, ready to give or take human life, without a second thought.

4.   Despite their total ignorance and lack of understanding of so many important matters, high sounding ranks and military nomenclatures  are given to them, just to inflate the ego of these officers, deflate the ego of those under their command,  and help them command the men,   but practically they really stand nowhere.

5.  No wonder, they have very less and very late promotions, a lower pay scale, inferior allowances and other compensation packages. If someone has any doubt on this, let them (The Civil Servants, or Business Tycoons) send their children to army. No one will, because the status of army officers, has steeply slided down, from a  high pedestal during days of  British Raj.
6. Reasons for the fall in an army officer and an armyman's status are many, but a major one is, overly complying and passive generals, who are literally 'Nauch Girls' dressed in OGs.

7.  Being born as horses, they act as mares in front of political donkeys,  bend over in hope of some governorship, or other trophy, and end up  producing dumb bloody mules as their loyal subordinate fans and followers .

8.   Despite being  tools of state policy,  'Army Generals' have either insulated themselves from the politically elected govt,  as a result of  their stupid contempt for politicians, or they have chosen to be absolute sycophants, in order  to lead an undisturbed day to day  life, or may be, this is how they think,  they can avoid the hassle of dealing with ignorant and undereducated politicians, and thus outsmart the system.

9.  This has been going on for quite sometime now, but the army has ultimately begun paying the price. Forget about establishing a pecking order with the IPS,  an (Assistant Commandant / Company Commander), DAGO CPO  of CAPF today has gained more clout than a (Lt. Colonel/Company commander) of army. Brood over it, rather than getting mad at me gentlemen.

10.  Army is also neither investing in educating its officers and men in  'Understanding the Political System' placed over them, nor truly investing in   'Modern Defence Management Skills, or Knowledge, that it's officers  and troops, need to focus upon.

11.  Army is only making it's personnel  cram and rattle out some obsolete tactical, technical, managerial, leadership and strategic knowledge,  to score high grades in some very low level courses and competencies.  In the age of robotics,  memory clouds, three-D giant projection screens and artificial intelligence, to me army's fixation with forces of Red-land attacking Blue-land around a ridge and over nala    seem quite naive. Even a Jawan has a smartphone with GPS, and now VPS.

12.  Some of the officers who do not score well in these obsolete  dumb ass courses, do so, not because they are themselves  dumb, but because they find these courses obsolete and  full of absolute bullshit.  Imagine with all the resources available on WWW today,  how can an intelligent young officer sit through a four hours long presentations, or 2 hour long lectures based on obsolete knowledege, without actually falling asleep.

13. Worse still,  army's promotion system has taken the spine out of every officer or man, who may aspire or 'dare to aspire',  for one last promotion,  to the rank of a Maj. General, even after 30 years of service, equal to a grade held by 100%  civil servants, in their 13th or 14th year of service.

14.  Reaching this status has itself become the ultimate goal of most of the faujis. So much so, on promotion prospects in the army.

15.  To top it all, we have failed to, or quite literally refused to groom, train and  promote our NCOs and JCOs to  step into 'Commissioned Ranks',   shrinking the base for 'Career Growth' aswellas  'Career Satisfaction Rates'  in army, destroying thus the chances of giving opportunities of gaining  'Improved Status'  to our men,  who have slogged their entire life in the organisation.

16.  Some how, rather than being the best and asking for the best, and understanding that all improvement is a subtle movement forward,  we insist upon kicking ourselves and our younger brother officers, in the name of misplaced values, tradition, heritage, and a misplaced understanding of our own merit.

17.  Being a part of elite breed and all the bullcrap reminds me of a decorated goat, in a temple, oblivious of the fact, that all regalia is nothing but a pre-sacrificial dressing up ritual. We are made to feel  as if we have a wonderful selection system, which has been delivering 100% 'Chetwode Inspired'  'Top Leadership'. 

18.  My foot, I must say.  All that has  actually been delievered by this unnecessarily sprocketed and over lubed machinery is,  some josh filled youngsters, a lot of disillusioned and disenchanted middle level officers, and a majority of boot licking and brown nosing spine-less top bass, barring but a few.    The gap betwen the talk in academy and walk in 'Real Time Service' is huge.

19.  With  'Soaring but Hollow Ego'  and  'Zero Error Syndrome', every Tiger🐅 (Commander) wants a Lamb 🐑 as 2ic (Second in Command) . Every 🐑2ic wants a  baa baaing 🐐goat covered in a lion's🦁skin,  who further desires  'Yes Sir 🐰Rabbits' under him.  AS a result,  finally the bloody 'Yes Sir 🐰Rabbits', are now sitting on the 🐅Tiger's chair  .
Who could have foreseen this ⁉
Whom to blame ⁉
Where to re-roll the wheel from ⁉

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