📈Rise and 📈Rise of Modi and now his certain 📉Fall 📉. Why ⁉ ❔ @ ✒गुरु बलवन्त गुरुने⚔

1.  Why the image of Modi as an anti corruption crusader, and a true nationalist has got lost in an Indian voter's mind, and why his popularity graph is falling by the day.

2.  There are many reasons where as only a few of them are enough to ensure the downfall of any leader.

3.  Other than Sahib's loudmouthed spokespersons using the pungiest vitriol against any one questioning their irrational, and illogical statements,  and,  he himself using under the belt hitting tactics, is responsible for turning modi in to a Jumlaa squealing, power nibbling political rat, from a promising 'Nationalist Indian Tiger', which seemingly was nothing more than a larger than life false image, built by his piggy riding corrupt political monkey mates, to ensure a political victory for themselves, via  using his  'larger than life' projected image, period.

4.  The leader's trolls,  repeatedly going overboard, in painting any one opposing their actions and speech, as antinational or anti hindu etc, is responsible for building a general despise for him across India. Also it is worth noting that Mr M has come out as a compulsive liar, who is now unable to even lie convincingly any more, as he goes around announcing unfulfillable promises to not just domestic audiences, but even neighbouring nations, reeking of the fact that the leader believes the janta to be absolutely foolish, and believes himself  to be the cleverest political cat going around.

5.  Here are some examples of Modi's commitment to power and Kursi, rather than to Indian people or India.

6.  He and his party under his command have indulged in  match fixing and political horse trading in Tamil Nadu. He  chose to play dumb, when he surely knows that ADMK is corrupt.  Modi is deliberately allowing its rule to continue,  meaning that he is allowing corruption for a bargain in having control over TN!

7.  He and his party under his command have made Corrupt Yedurappa,  the chief ministerial candidate in  Karnataka, only to gain power. So it is proven beyond doubt that he is  power hungry, and not  welfare or honesty oriented.

8.  He and his party under his command have aligned with PDP, which is an established anti India political outfit in J&K , only to emerge as a Pan Indian 'wheeler dealer' Ruler, and not as a true nationalist ruler.

9.    He and his party under his command have  killed muslims in name of eating beef in north India, but allowed the beef business to thrive in North east.  A clear sign of double talk, and an absolute hypocrisy.

10.  He and his party under his command have aligned with corruption, of highest order.  His and his party has been hand in glove with the most corrupt Badlas. This prooves the fact  that Modi or BJP are only interested in grabbing political power, by being partners with the most corrupt politicians. It is worth mentioning that other than bartering SYL land and interests to Chautalas for high end properties in Gurgaon, the Badal's   have rendered an entirely new meaning to the term ‘The Flying Sikh’ by making more than 700 private (ਪਿੰਡ ਦੀ ਗੇੜੀ) trips on state helicopter and more hired choppers, costing the state exchequer  hundereds  of crores of public money.

11.  So, Modi is as  clean or unclean as the devil of corruption, or else, why would he or his party allign with all the demons of corruption, pan-Indian. 

12.  He and his party under his command have facillitatated the loot of India by his capital cronies,  where as at the same time taxing the common Indian beyond a tolerable point, as also at the same time,  testing the patience and awareness of an average Indian by changing the colour and size of paper currency repeatedly.

13.  I only want to tell Modi ji, our incumbent PM,

(i). ये जो पब्लिक है ये सब जानती है, अंदर क्या है बाहर क्या, सब कुछ ही ये पहचानती है।
(ii)  राम गयो, रावण गयो, जाको बहु परिवार.
कहे नानक थिर कुछ नहीँ,  सपने ज्यों सन्सार।

आप भी यहां हमेशा बैठने वाले नहीँ।  भारत के लिए कुछ कर सकते हो तो करो, भाजपा, अडानी और अम्बानी का काम बनाने वाले, आप से पहले भी बहुत थे, और आप के बाद भी हों गे। 🙏

🚩ਤੱਤ ਸੱਤ ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ.🚩
✒ GBG⚔

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