🚩Are you being taken for a ride by your DIETICIAN. ⁉ ✒GBG⚔

🚩Are you being taken for a ride by your DIETICIAN. ⁉ ✒GBG⚔

1) Beware of many new  health experts,  mushrooming all around  you.

2) Some of them are simply gym instructors, who graduated to becoming self declared health advisors, from being gymmers for some time.  Others are  unqualified dieticians,  claiming to be dietitians, having no qualification, a fake qulification or a qualification not good enough to make them capable of advising people on health, nutrition and diet plan. Dont forget that your diet is as important as your medicine.

3)  Not only this, in India our truth buster research team has talked to some clients visiting a famous  heart specialist, and even interacted with some visitors to a famous 'Armed Forces Hospital'.  There report is shocking. They feel the so called nutritionist, diabetes control councillor,  oncology diet councillor , or the heart disease diet councillor etc,  do not seem to them,  qulified dieticians.

4)  They are quacks, or jhola chaap dieticians, who seem only good at taking blood samples and  selling the latest self management  kits  manufactured by big pharma companies. These quacks are paid by big pharma companies and hospitals to push expansive medicines or medical kits on their unsuspecting clients, and even motivate them to go in for bariatric surgery, or other surgeries.

5)  These men and women are not at all qualified to speak about diet, nutrition,  disease, sports nutrition, weight loss or any thing else related to these fields.

6) I am surprised at the 'cheek and  audacity'  of these quacks, for blatantly practising medicine, which they have no idea about, and I am also surprised at the callousness and carelessness of pharma companies and hospitals, who hire these fake dieticians, without even checking their basic qualification, degrees, certificates and other documents.

7)  Do you know, that as per Dietetic bodies across the world including the British Dietetic Association, to be a Dietitian, one has to have done one's Bachelors in Dietetics and then a Masters in  Dietetics . Also now the requirement in some nations is for a person to have a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and than a masters in Nutritional and medicinal dieting.

8)  Do these gym instructors or simple 'medical product pushers' for some Pharma companies, even  have, any thing class to tge required  qualifications?
My answer is a simple NO!

9)  Isnt it important that a healthcare provider, should atleast have the qualification prescribed by the  regulatory body of a nation ? Would you go to a doctor if he didnt have an MBBS degree?   But why talk of it,  when you know that  a Pizza hut waitresses can be the education ministers of a nation.

10) Why it is alarming is,  because you  already know that, unless a doctor has, a minimum MBBS degree, he or she can not  possibly give you a correct advice on your disease., but what you don't know is that same standards  apply to nutrition advisors as well.

11)  So remember, that same standards as applicable  to practicing medicine, in terms of standard benchmark qualification,  are equally applicable for being  a dietician too.  There are standard educational qualifications needed to be a dietitian,  so learn to look for these qualifications, in your dietician. It is your right to know if the person advising you on any kind of a diet plan, medicine, equipment or peripherals,  is qulified enough to do so, or is the person a fake.

12)  A lady dietician  in Mumbai, has made people lose their hair and develop kidney stones, via her diet plans. Heart patients have had strokes following a diet plan given by a quack. A big price to pay, just because of a quack being a dietician.

13) Most of the fault is with the media, which pushes any information on gullible audiences,  simply for getting highly expensive pharma company advertisements.

14) The pharma companies desperate to sell their products,  sell  anxiety and fear about certain conditions, which are quite harmless, or simply exaggerated in ones mind. All this is done with an active participation by  people (like us), who lap up whatever crap the media serves us, in the name of pharma and health product advertisements.

15)  If an advertisement by a pharma company or a hospital,  makes you  believe that 'So and So' is a health expert, be alarmed. You should visit her educational profile on her OWN website, and only then believe in the person, as being a qualified dietician.

16)  If you see that she/he has done her bachelors in any non nutrition subject, and never truly held any qualification to advise you on what, or how much  you should be eating or not eating, this person is a quack.

17)  Do not forget that, there are highly qualified 'REAL'  Doctors and Dietitians in India, ( Having Bachelors and Masters degrees and Phd,s in Nutrition) who have studied Nutrition, formally.

18)   So do check out,  if the person advising you as your health advisor,  is atleast qualified to be so. Do not think of the 200 or 300 bucks, the person asks for her advise, as 'hardly any money'.

19.  This could well be the beginning of a long  trail, well laid out with  expensive medicine and surgery traps, to rip you off your hard earned money, or your health insurance, which could have been saved for a better health care need.

🚩तत्त श्री अकाल🚩
✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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