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 Indian Soldiers from different communities wearing turbans.
Royal Turban from Rajputana, The dohri Pagg, also called Rajput Dolmaala.
 A Rajput wearing his traditional turban.

 Dogras in their turbans
 A cavalry man in his turban.
 Jak light Infantry Dogra and Muslim soldiers marching wearing their turbans.
Officers and soldiers from different communities of Indian Army adorning their turbans.

1.  When ever an election is around the corner, the turban issue gets raked up in north India. Some pepole get in to heated discourses by associating Turban with Sikh Identity. They bring in the issue of Sikh Rehat Maryada . So let's bare the issue and face it pragmatically. Let's undestand for once and for all, that 5 Ks is where, the Physical Rehat Maryada ends. Reading, understanding and following the Bani of SGGS ji is what forms the  lifestyle and spiritual Rehat Maryada.

2.  Yes, head should preferably be covered, as long uncut hair need being kept clean, so a Rumaala, Dumaala, or a turban is used, but to make  an issue around a turban, or to create a struggle around turban,  as a 'Sikh Thing', is wrong.

3.  Turban is worn by many communities like Rajputs, Brahmins, Dogras, Manipuris, Pathans, Afghans and many more,  and for all of them it is a sign of self respect.

4.  Sikh or not a sikh, if some one's  turban is shaken or removed, its a sign of disrespect to the wearer of the turban.

5.  Exchanging of turbans,  in all turban wearing communities, is a sign of creation of a brotherly bond, and putting some ones turban at some one's feet, is an ultimate sign of submission.

6.  Turban is a headgear, and is symbol of one's pride on any head that wears it. One should not consider, a turban on a rajput head, any less worthy of respect.

7.  Now lets get to, the root of it. The turban was made essential for sikh soldiers by British army, as was tying or netting of beard, to always look neat and disciplined.  The other soldiers like the Dogras and Rajputs also wore turbans as uniform, but they could wear caps on many informal occasions, as they had very short hair.

 8.  If you observe history and military tradition carefully, warrior Sikhs used to leave their beards flowing  and open, even till Maharaja Rajit singh's times.  The practice of Sikhs  tying their beards with a chord, or netting the beard was started by britishers. They even had their soldiers follow a fixed style of tying a turban, a fixed type and length of cloth, fixed number of folds, etc etc. All this was done to give Sikhs serving their army a unique look and identity. But thats where it all ends.

8.  Even today, turban is a part of formal dress of President's Guards,  BSF, CRPF, CISF, many state police forces, and many  regiments of Indian Army.   Turban is more of an Indian and Asian thing, rather than a sikh thing.
We can not ignore this fact.

9.  As far as international security agencies are concerned, turban is just another head dress, that they might like checking during a checkup. Let's face the truth.

10.  The controversy gets unnecessarily raked up for political reasons, when ever some election is around the corner, to involve people in non-issues, but the truth about the matter, stays true to relayed facts.

11.   So to give religious tones to the turban is wrong, but to respect the general sentimental values attached to turban as a headgear, is alright and I respect this tradition.
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