🚩A myth called Hindu Sikh Unity🚩@✒GBG⚔

1.    I do not believe in religion, but this 'Brother Community' paradigm seems flawed. Quite recently some friend pointed out on the social media that Hindus and Sikhs are brother communities. Let me bring out some truths.

2.  Undoubtedly, During Guru Gobind's days, many people from diverse  communities either became his Sikhs, or fought for him as they continued with their religious faith, because Guru sahib did not indulge in politics of religion. He was a warrior of truth, a 'Rebel Revolutionary', rather than a politician. Although he trusted all, but his trust was breached by his hindu cook, Gangu, and he was most jealously persecuted by many hindu kings in league with the mughal Kings and Nawabs.

2.   The beginning of Hindu Sikh tussels, is not puerly 1984 alone.  Before 1984, and before Indira Gandhi's' murder by her own guards, RSS’s  subsidy JANSANGH carried out a propaganda against Sikh Guru’s and Sikhism. NANAK has even been referred as a thug by some Hindu Sanghi leaders, and more evidence is available, of Hindu Sikh Rivalries, based more  in fact on Socio-Eco-Political clash of interests

3.  Jansangh, led demonstrations against Sikhs, carried our nefarious propaganda, and raised  slogans like, “Kangha , Kada , Kes , Kirpan Inko bhejo Pakistan”.

4.    Not only some members of Jansangh did anti sikh sloganeering, but they used to tie packets of Bidis  to Kirpans, and did a lot of sacrilege of Sikh fundamentals.

5.   The anti sikh bayanbazi by Sanghis, and  Lala jagat Narain's over-adveturism via his paper, led to his murder, and the following events, became the root cause of 'Rise of Sikh Fundamentalism.'

6.  What is my worry then, if I am not a religious man. My worry is that religion has been, and is being used more and more as a tool of politics, and will ultimately end up blooding the streets. 

7.  The socio-religious divide in indian society is deeper than ever before. If we find Hindu fundamenalists getting friendly with the Sikhs, it is only till they have sorted out the muslims. This needs being understood. Once the muslims are marginalized, the hindu zealots will hound the other miniorities.

8.  I have been to many areas in Himachal, UP, Bihar, Assam and Haryana, where a Bullying Culture by Majority, community is prevailing.

9.    As a result, many local rivalaries, land issues, small business interest issues, or just plane crimes and criminal territories, for the sake of convenience start  wearing religious cloaks.

10.   As religion becomes the most dominating political theme and meme in Indian society, more  incidents of Majority Miniorities clashes will come to life. 

11.  Most truthfully speaking, and speaking from an experience of 10 and a half decades, the so called 'Hindu Sikh Brotherhood' is a myth.

12.   A deep distrust is present in these two communities, deep enough for a small incident to set in to motion bigger cogs.
No one can deny that.

13.  If very educated people, can chose to be Modi fans, or Rahul, fans, or Maya, Mamta and Lalu fans, than one thing is sure, the country is saturated with emotionally exploitable, half-educated fools, trying to prove themselves to their supposed political bosses,  not bothered about India, but bothered about  political wages alone.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

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