🚩💀A WARNING SIGN, as seen by 'The Skull💀'.🚩@✒GBG⚔

🚩💀A WARNING SIGN, as seen by 'The  Skull💀'.🚩@✒GBG⚔

1.   In view of the demand for Khalistan and  REFERENDUM 2020 , I can verily say that it is all  being run as a huge 'False Flag  Operation.'

2.   I strongly believe that the 'Sikh Separatism' thing was miscalculated, overplayed  and misrepresented during the 'Bluestar and Black Thunder Days', causing damage to 'Sikh Psyche' and  'Indian State' both,  and the same is  being replayed today.

3.  Some, very strong forces,  in league with some Canadian and Pak Intelligence agencies, ( accusedly having a flamboyant presence on 'Ground Zero' ),  are writing an intentionally  flawed script,  and bringing alive the 'Ghost of Separatism' once again, to cover up some huge political, economic, and social delivery failures.

4.   Tragically, the 'Center'  seems unawarely  all too eager to play the role of a hyper-active  catalyst, as any burning and churning in Punjab, is not only going to create ground for presidential rule, but also  ensure a very effective smoke-screen for 2019,  election mashups,  or some other massive political move to turn  the system around,  by an extremely strong central government.

5.  The happenings in Meghalaya, can not be seen in isolation, and the  Punjab Chief Minister's decision to send a four member team their,  is purely an effort on his behalf to emerge, as a Sikh leader, rather than a Congress CM of a state, far removed from Meghalay, where the trouble started over an eve-teasing issue, and has since then been artificially fuelled, and blown out of proportion. A  local khasi boy is accused of  eve-teasing a Sikh woman.

6.   There is a lot that needs being read betwen the lines in the recent happenings, like taking out 7 million sahajdharis out of SGPC voter's list, Sikligar persecution, Shillong riots, and  2020 Referendum posters emerging in places, and 2020 runs being organised in India, as the political and social implications of it all,  could be devastating.

7.   To  use 'Sikh Separatism' as a 'False Flag Operation, and a  'Ghost Busting Operation', to  cover up the failure of government machinery, which has failed to deliver on it's larger than life promises,  is a huge misrepresentation of, on ground reality,   and a certain coverup on part of both  state and center.

8.  On the whole, It can be summed up as, a knee-jerk strategy  to cover up a generally prevalent wave of dissatisfaction amongst masses, and a ploy to carry out  some 'Internal Political Surgical Strikes', expected in future months.

9.    34 years ago,  Government of  India, had  miscalculated its moves based on  misrepresented intelligence data leading to 'Operation Blue Star'. The government was given inputs that Bhindranwale, will either give in without fighting, or the army would easily be able to contain him and his men, where as the results were  opposite and extremely tragic, for sikhs, army men who died, and the government, all.

10.   I am of the opinion, that 'Sikh Separatism' thing is once more being overplayed  and misrepresented, and the results that the drama could have are also being miscalculated. This would harm, rather than benifit the incumbent government in Delhi.
🚩ਤੱਤ ਸੱਤ ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ🚩
©✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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