🚩Truth is Complicated, God is Absent.🚩@ ©✒GBG⚔

1.   Queen Elizabeth claims that she is the 43rd direct descendent  of Prophet Mohammed. As per her, her Spanish forefathers drew their lineage from Arab Kings,  who were the direct decendents of Prophet.

2.   My simple question is,  has Islam taken over the 'House of Windsors',  or 'Buckingham' is trying to takeover Islam⁉

3.  Let me proclaim verily That there is not a single sovereign royal family in Europe, which has not got 'Spanish Blood', or so to say a mark of 'Spanish Spunk'.

4.  Now when the Spaniards, step in to a genetic pool, how could the Moors, and the Arabs be out of picture, so Queen could well be speaking the truth.

5.  So after all, the confusion is clear now, as to why and for whom, Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, etc, etc are bombing Syria, Iraq, Libiya and the rest of Middle East, barring Saudi Arabia❓

6. The answer is clear now,  for Saudis ofcourse, and for the 'House of Windsor', because Saudis and the English are afterall 'Cousins'. Is that what our Lizardbeth, of London trying to establish.

7.  Or is it really more than that❓
Is it that the illuminate of the world,  have already  ushered in the 'New World Order'❓
Is it that  via the statement of queen, 'The Illuminate' announced it to the world, that 'Shari'a'  is going to be the Law of the 'New World Order' ❓
Or is It that this is a huge move by the 'Oh so White an English Queen' to finally  stall a Transcontinental Islam ⁉

Truth is Complicated and God is Absent, May be it is time for Allah to walk in.
🚩तत्त सत्त अकाल🚩
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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