🚩A positive news from PM's office🚩@©✒GBG⚔

1.  🚩A positive news from PM's office🚩@©✒GBG⚔

1.  Prime minister of India has reportedly issued a statement that ,"We are Ashamed as a Country", in view of Kathua gang rape, Unnao gang rape and other crimes against women and the poor in society.

2.  He has also given a call  for 'Justice for Daughters' of India.

3.  In my opinion these are very positive steps in the right direction, as Namo's statements are going to set the direction and pace of the investigative aswellas administrative units across the nation.

4.  Not only will his statements discourage the criminals from daring to commit heinous crimes, but his statements shall also act as morale boosters for upright and good police officers, who want to do their duty righteously.

5.  I highly appreciate these statements by Namo, but I still do wish and advise him, and his office to  issue more such positive statements, as they have the power of being directive statements, a little earlier and in good time.

6.  If the Prime minister of India gets active on these issues, which are the bane of poor and powerless, he shall be remembered as a good administrator. People are more interested in justice and good administration, rather than bullet trains or foreign relations, ofcourse every thing being important in its own place.

7.  I have the confidence that if Namo or any PM, sets his priorities right, the nation can be brought back on its right tracks sooner than later. A word from the Prime minister means a lot for India, as it is a top driven adminstrative system and a patriarchal society.

8.  Although the PM's statements, have come seemingly after a huge protest lead by Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul and other congress men, aswellas some Supreme Court action and the PDP asking for the heads of MLAs supporting the Kathua rapists, but still, I highly appreciate  and value Namo's statements, and expect positive results.

9.  Let me make it clear that as PM, it is Namo's duty to ensure that the executive of the nation, right from his ministers, bureaucrats and the subordinate executive, must react to administrative and police matters in good time.

10.  As far as the common man is concerned, the Prime minister and not the home minister is the boss around here, So Namo must become more proactive at  home front, and look beyond winning elections alone.

Thank you Mr. Prime minister,  for doing what should have been done a little earlier, but indeed a Thanks from the heart  once again.
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