🚩Drone was a 'PLoy Drone' of Saudi Throne, meant to start 'Purge 2'🚩 @ ✒GBG⚔

1.  The cat is out of the intelligence operator's bag as the camel and his sheikh are out of their tent. Rat-a-tat of Kalashnikovs, M-16s and Uzis is  silent.  The 'Royal Tent' is not shaking any more, and it seems every thing is in control.

2.  All the chaos in the Royal abode in Riyadh was nothing more than Crown Prince MBS's  'Operation Second Purge'.

3.  MbS aka Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is all set to decimate any remaings opposition to him, after his first ,'Op Purge', in november 2017.

4.  Claims of a coup attempt in Riyadh following the prince’s official visits to the United States and Europe , have been laid to rest.

5.  A drone was shot down by the guards of royal  throne, as a ground to  a new crackdown prepared by Salman. About  200  people including 11 princes, some businessmen, journalists, scholars and bureaucrats have been arrested under this 'Shock Operation'.

6.  Former Egyptian home minister Habib al-Adly is playing a leading role,  as he head's the interrogations and torture of those remanded in the palace coup.

7.  Being an old hand at the game, this Egyptian was directly involved in interrogations of intellectuals who supported the Syrian and Egyptian resistance.

8.  Another VIP, in support of  Crown Prince MbS is, Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince,  and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirate's Armed Forces.  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of UAE is in Riyadh for mutual support or if he has another game plan, only the time will tell.

9.  In simple words Prince Salman has prepared the groundwork to remand the remaining saudi elite,  who oppose him and he shall now certainly be 'His Exalted Highness', King Mohamad bin Salmam Saud. It is is just a matter of some time.

🚩तत्त सत्त अकाल🚩
@ © ✒Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

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