🎥 Discussion on 'Jus' TV, over the Majithia Sidhu spat in vidhansabha. ✒ GBG⚔

1.  Took part in a panel discussion at JUS TV Studios, regarding behaviour of elected leaders, within and outside the Vidhan Sabah.
2.  The discussion, although triggered by a spat in vidhansabha, betwen Bikram Majithia and Navjot Singh Sidhu,  ended up covering the issue of drugs, and parliamentary behavior by state legislators. It was depressing indeed to see, an ex cabinet minister and an incumbent cabinet minister talk to each other in such a disparaging manner.
3.  The youth today look at their young leaders as role models, but I have to register with a sad heart that, the behavior of our political leadership, across the nation, has been on a downslide for a long time now.
4. Some times they badmouth eachother, only to sound strong, but in the long run, it goes against them. Being public personalities, they must always conduct themselves with dignity, howsoever politically entangled, they may, personally be .
5.  Panelists, all experienced politicians from Congress, BJP, Akalis and AAP,  covered the issue from their own political angles, as they defended their own political  interests, but anchor Mr. KP Singh held his ground well and strong, over the drug menace aswellas he steered the direction of discussion towards a fruitful conclusion.
6.  Drugs indeed are a serious issue, and Punjab politics will continue to revolve around it, for quite some time, but we can not ignore the fact, that the matter regarding accusations of an ex minister being involved, is sub-judice now. In view of this, the matter must rest till the time, the courts decide upon the matter.
7.  If bringing this issue up again and again, is nothing but an effort to emotionally charge the public for scoring political brownies, I would request the leaders to rather use the same time, to run the business of the house for resolving more productive issues.
8.  People too, should press their leaders to present, discuss and debate, the issues of welfare, progress, education, health and many other important issues in the house, rather than getting in to personal spats, to divert public attention from more pressing matters.
🚩ਤੱਤਸੱਤ ਅਕਾਲ🚩
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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