©🚩 My Way, The Way of No Way🚩@ ✒GBG⚔

©🚩My way, The Way of No Way🚩 📿GBG⚔

© I am not here to judge who is right, the Catholics, Protestants, Shias, Sunis, Barelvis or Deobandis. I dont think it is important to find who amongst them is better, the Bandai Khalsa,  Tatt Khalsa, the Sanatanis, Vairaagis, Sanyasis or Sahajdharis. I am not to judge if the Shaivite or the Shaktayit is better,or if the vegetarian or non vegetarian is better. I am neither to judge, not to contest.

I am here to establish some corrections to my self and those willing to correct themselves by the order of my Guru, the timeless Truth, the Akaal.

I and my friends love and embrace one and all, from all across ideologies, cutting boundaries thus setting the record straight.

My message is, no religion, no rituals, no life style, no dress code,  no this or that book alone,  no fixations at all.

Tenets I follow and forward are:-

1.  Only be Devouted  to Truth and Justice. Shun lies and falsehood.

2.  Read  as many  books of wisdom as possible from orient aswellas west. Read great poets and Authors. Open your self to all the knowledge of the world. Also acquire skills and knowledge of your chosen field, and be good in it. Sit in good and learned company, listen to what others have learnt and share what you have learnt. Sing together, dance together, play together, eat together, serve together.

3. Do not discriminate on the  basis of caste creed, colour, nationality, religion, region, sex, gender, status and so on.

4. Contribute positively to society, where and when you can.

5. Make peace, but do not feel shy of engaging in war if necessary. Learn the art, both of making peace aswellas war. Learn martial arts, weapons, tactics and strategies Always be ready for both,  war aswellas peace.

6.  Respect the law of the land. Learn at least the basic laws, and how the law and order machinery functions.

7. Stay physically mentally and spiritually fit. For this take good diet, exercise daily, train your mind and learn the basics of cognitive Psychology, and meditate daily.

8. Just be. Dont try to be. You already are, realise that and celebrate life with in you and around you, with silence, music, speech, some work, some sport, some reading, some writing, some dancing, some thing constructive and creative, or just about nothing at all.
This is my Path.
You are welcome to walk it.
🚩तत्त सत् श्री अकाल🚩
✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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