🚜 Farmer's protest temporarily addressed. The need of the hour is to make farming truly sustainable. ©GBG ✒⚔

1. Farmers protesting in Mumbai have called off  their protest after their two demands were promised to be met, that is
(i). Right to forest land.
(ii). Waiver of loans.

2.  This is now going to be projected as a great favour done to the poor farmers, as if after this,  all the farmer's problems have been taken care of for ever.

3. My simple question is that,  is it the real solution and will these demands be even practically met?

4. The fact of the matter is that agriculture is not as viable as it was or could be.

5.  The seeds, fertilizers, manure, labour cost, farm machines, pesticides, diesel etc have all become very expensive. Ground water has receded, arid zones are spreading, the mandis are not in control or farmer friendly,  and the crop patterns are unregulated.

6. All this results in a farmer's cost of production going sky high whereas  the recovery of cost aswellas profit  remain minimal

7.  Whether the government will find long term solutions to balm and calm farmer's woes or continue to come up with knee-jerk solutions,  only time will tell.

8.  I wonder why in a democratic welfare state, the successive governments have created a pattern, where even for fair and naturally forthcoming governmental actions, the interest groups have to  beg  for solutions or protest for basic redressals,  as if the government is doing a favour on it's people who have elected it in the first place.

9.  It may well be,  because  India's elected executive is now empty of any true visionaries or administrators, but is instead, saturated with crooks and manipulative political criminals alone.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩

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