💰Salary structure of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Army @ ©✒ GBG⚔

1.  Maharaja Ranjit Singh was, and remains to this day an enigmatic personality.

2. Some historians have compared him with Frederick the Great, Oliver Cromwell, Mohammed Ali of Egypt etc. Historian  Jacquemont even called Ranjit singh a 'Bonaparte in miniature', but the Maharaja had his own strengths and weaknesses, unique to him.

3. Any ways, till the time Ranjit Singh lived, the Afghans as well as the British, stayed weary of messing around with the land of five rivers.  Sadly although, Ranjit Singh's legacy  ended with his death.

4.  Going through an old book presented to me by my godfather, late Sirdar Ravinder Singh Sohi Ji,  as I refreshed my memory,   I found this interesting information on salary structure of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army.

5. I thought its worth sharing with friends who might be interested in history of Panjab/Punjab and military history.

6.  It is worth mentioning here, that although payable every month, Maharaja paid his officers and men, after making them wait for their salt, for almost 3 to 4 months, hence for all practical reasons, the money was paid on a quarterly basis.  Yes the 'Tohfaz', or 'Gifts' were more readily forthcoming from the King.
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

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