Can we rise above conformity and regimentationšŸš©@ ✒GBG⚔

šŸš©Can we rise above conformity and regimentationšŸš©@ ✒GBG⚔

1.  An army regiment had four  soldiers guarding a concrete slab  at all times. Different commanders came and went but  the tradition stayed on. ​After hunderds of years, a new commander was assigned to the regiment, who had the brain to ask why things were done the way they were. ​When he asked why soldiers were guarding  the  slab, he was told, that It's our tradition.​

2.  The commander  being bent upon finding out the reason for this practice,  went to the archives to look for answers and came across  a document that had  instructions  written by a retired commander, who had long since died.

3.  The new commander learnt that  decades ago, the regiment  wanted to build a platform where some regimental events could be held. When the  concrete slab was laid, some dogs walked over it before the slab could dry, so the commander ordered that four soldiers should guard the concrete slab for  three weeks to allow it to dry.

4.  The dog pugmarks were repaired, but the thinking commander was transferred, and a new Cdr was brought in, and the new Cdr found  that the 'slab guarding routine' had continued for decades,  thus he continued to enforce it without  any questions, and since then, every other commander that came did the same.

5.   Thus years later; soldiers continued  guarding the concrete slab, as an assignment that  was ordinarily designed to allow just the slab to dry.

6.  I hope, you ​are not carrying forward  obsolete beliefs, attitudes or traditions, or cultural practices,  that were relevant to certain people at a certain time?​

7.  What is your opinion about yourself, or people of a  different race, or new products ?  Is it not possible that in following a religion or a lifestyle, we might just be guarding a concrete slab?

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©✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

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