🚙All Indian Highways Renamed/Renumbered.🚦©✒GBG⚔

1.  A news is going viral that all Indian Highways have been renamed. The fact is that although true, the process of renaming started a long back.

2. The notification related to change in numbers allotted to National highways came in 2011.

3. National Highway Authority of India, NHAI, has been in the process of putting up the new numbers on all requisite places respectively, ever since 2011.

4. In the year 2016, the progress in renumbering of National Highways and other roads was reported in India's prestigious news paper 'The Hindu' in its 26th march copy.

5.  The reason behind renumbering the highways is that the Indian  highways were arbitrarily and  irrationally numbered.

6.  Thus it was cumbersome to collect data and extract information related to  traffic, infrastructure devlopment,  maintainance, crime and academic research.

7.   A new system of renumbering the highways was the need of the hour.

8.  All National Highways have been re-numbered keeping in mind their direction. All North-South oriented highways  have been allotted even numbers increasing from north to the south, and all East-West oriented highways  have been allotted odd numbers, increasing from the east to the west of India.

9.  To facilitate commuters know their way, all major highways have been allotted a single digit or a double digit  number. All secondary and tertiary highways have three digit numbers

10  . Also to further facilitate finding ones way on a vast network of Indian roads, suffixes A, B, C, D etc, have been added to the three digit sub highways to indicate the size, 'width and length' and the difficulty level of of sub-highways.

11.   I advise those using the indian roads to procure a copy of the newly numbered road grid and keep it in one's vehicle, so as to truly enjoy driving around on the roads of your nation.

12.  For all frequent Highway users, a very useful mobile app, 'Sukhad Yatra' has also been put in place, by National Highway Authority of India. 🚙Drive safe to save others and your self. Stay Safe and dont forget that Safety Saves.🚦🚥
©✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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