© Is the Tricolour creamation or burial so cheap❓✒GBG⚔

© Is the Tricolour cremation or burial so cheap❓✒GBG⚔

1.  Why I do not mourn the death of Sridevi, or any of these so called stars of dream factories, is because I am well aware, of the  skeletons in most star-cupboards, the stink beneath their expensive  carpets,  and the ugliness they hide under their  heavy makeup and plastic surgeries.

2. Also contemplating over the adulation truly deserved by filmi heroes and heroines, viz-a-viz the real heroes of our nation,  I often ask my self a question, that can an actor who made a fortune at the cost of selling virtual images or pipe dreams, be equated with a soldier, who lays down his life in the service of our nation, for a meagre salary ?

3.  Although the folks from the show world, the dream world or the fake world,  want every thing to sound and look extremely Kosher, but their salicious promotion of vulgarity and falsehood,  sets amongst our youth, a culture of hunger for silver spangled lives,  a desire for life on the speed street, which is a desire that lacks substance, character and truth, to be actually fulfilled.

4.  I most sincerely think, that these masquerading actors and actresses,  directed by their  illusionist directors, managed by their fake  front office managers posing as producers, but in fact  promoted and controlled by their criminal and black marketier financiers,  make money furthering the foolish perceptions of a common man selling him false hopes and dreams, as at the cost of general public-naivety,  they end up making a fortune for them selves, to the extent of earning them selves, a tricolour burial or cremation. Is that not an astounding manipulation of ideas, opinions and perception.

5.  I would rather consider the brave lady officer, Major Kumud Dogra, who went to recieve her martyred IAF fighter pilot husband's remains, dressed  in uniform and carrying her infant child in her arms, as a much bigger star than Sridevi.

6.  I sincierly do not care a dime, if Sridevi or Amitabh bachchan die 10 times over.

7.   Imagine how this world of make belief presents a sick man like Amitabh Bachan in garb of a super hero, who can knock out a dozen people, all together in one go, and how on the other hand, Puneet Issar who had actually thrashed the trash-can in one punch, is finished off in the tinsel town.

8. I would rather  mourn Capt. Kundu or Sepoy Hemraj every single day of my life, rather than mourning Shri Devi, or the rest of the bang gang pieces of little universal crap, flying around as stars, with or without  their 'Padma' awards.

9.  Ladies and gentlemen, the film industry, the crime industry and dirty politics industry, are so intricately entwined, that the D company, and many other  crime Mafias have been historically parking or investing their ill gotten wealth in the business of films.

10.  Most of the so called stars are artificially brightened people. नकली हीरे, जिन में अपनी कोई चमक या पॉलिश नहीं, जो बस कृत्रिम रौशनी में ज़िंदा रखे जाते हैं, जन्ता का दिल बहलाने के लिये, और अपना सिक्का जमा कर पैसा कमाने के लिए।

11.  Most of the heroines of Bollywood,  Tollywood, Pollywood, or the Hollywood, are couch casted sex dolls, or escorts, or are forced to work as sex toys for most affluent criminals, politicians and smugglers, and most of the so called heroes are in fact villians. You can protest my views, but you can not contest them, as they are based in reality.

12.  Sallu, Sanjay Shakti, and Jitendra being the latest  amongst these cans of worms, is just,  but the putting of a tin cutter, on this gone bad fish can called showbiz.  The power and fame of film industry comes from foolish folks, who take undue interest in their make-believe lives.

13.  Name a man in film industry, and I will have a string of scandals attached to him, as they all have a tale attached to their tails.

14. Sri devi's alleged  relations with D Company are just the tip of an iceberg. Subramaniam Swami, when commenting upon Sri's death has not talked out of his hat.

15.   देश में उन गधों की कोई कमी नहीँ, जो मनोवैज्ञानिक तौर पे इस स्वप्न जगत के फरिश्तों और परियों का अनुसरण करते हैं,  यह न जानते हुए की  इन सितारों का असल जीवन गटर के मेंढकों से भी बत्तर है। 

16.  क़र्ज़ में डूबी हुई  तथा, ड्रग्ज़, सेक्स, तस्करी, हवाला, काले धन को सफेद करना,  दबंगई और रैनसम से ओत प्रोत फ़िल्मी दुनिया, गन्दे कीचड़ का वह समन्दर है, कि  जिस में कोई एकाध ही बिरला है, जिस का दामन बेदाग रह पाये।

17.   This seemingly Affluent place is nothing more than a pool of Effluents.

18.   In simple words, it is an open gutter with artificial gold and silver dust sprinkled all over it, and flash lights put up just to make it look like a river of gold.

19.  My appeal to the general public is to stop equating these actors on silverscreen with real life heroes.

20.  As a  ground rule, a good actor can not replace a good soldier, whereas, a good soldier can easily replace  a good actor, because for being a good actor, one needs only to be able to put up an act well, whereas to be a good soldier, one has to be ready to sacrifice one's life in line of duty, 24×7×365.

21.  If those who think Sri Devi needs their adulation, and if her fans desire, let them make a shroud of Gold, Silver and Pearls for her,  but the Tricolour, must only be reserved for the martyrs of our nation,  or minimum a serving or an ex President or Prime Minister of India.  तिरंगे को सस्ता मत करो दोस्तो।

22.  So, let us please reserve the Tricolor, only for the martyrs of Mother land, and not those who get drunk, or sick, or over dosed on drugs and drown themselves in their bathtubs. Period.  यदि किसी भी व्यक्ति के चाहने वाले, चाहें तो उसे सोने, चाँदी,  हीरे और मोतीयों का कफ़न पहनाएं, लेकिन तिरंगा केवल शहीदों का श्रृंगार है, उन सरफ़रोश शहीदों का श्रृंगार, जिन्होंने देश  पर, और केवल देश के लिये अपने प्राणों की आहूति दी हो। इति:

📿तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल.🚩
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay. ⚔

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