©😀Since Humpty Dumpty sat on the saffron wall, Humpty Dumpty and friends never had a fall😉 ✒GBG⚔

©😀Since Humpty Dumpty sat on the saffron wall, Humpty Dumpty and friends never had a fall😉 ✒GBG⚔

With Namo in the driver's seat and Humpty Dumpty Shah waiving the saffron flag,  the Jumla Express has barged in to North East,  and by literally winning  5 out of 7 sister states,  BJP and allies, are in control of 21 out of India’s 29 states.

 Tripura is quite a surprise although but all the promises made by Jaitley in tripura were so large and lucrative, that what happened in Tripura was written on the wall. Once again it has been proven that Jumlas work big time in India.

Promises made by J and M in T.....
1.  7th pay commission recommended salary to all employees.
2. Special Economic Zones in almost all districts.
3.  A government job to atleast one member of every household.
4.  Free smartphone to every youth.
5.  A degree college in each constituency.
6. Many Multi-speciality hospitals and one AIIMS-like hospital to be set up in the state.
7.  Tripura to be made a logistic hub for transportation in the entire northeastern region.
8.  Agartala airport to be named after Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya, the last king of Tripura.
9. Minimum grant under social welfare schemes to be ₹2,000 per month and the minimum daily wage to be  ₹340.
10. Stories of Tripura's erstwhile royal  rulers to be included in school curriculum.
11.   Promises on arrest of all scamsters,  including the Rose Valley Scam, and many more promises.

So what does all this mean? To repeat in journalistic cliche, the well oiled BJP electoral machines are still working for BJP, the circus is on, and the the Jumla show will continue.

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