© The Harsh Truths of Sridevi's Life and Death.... ✒GBG⚔

© The Harsh Truths of Sridevi's Life and Death.... ✒GBG⚔

1. Certainly she was  a very  talented woman and a huge star of Bollywood,  but Sridevi was a sad woman, whose  death  has shocked her fans. If it was an accident,  or Sridevi committed suicide, or she was murdered, as per Subramaniym Swami,  will most probably always remain a mystery.

2. The masses always thought that,  Sridevi's life is a perfect one,  but was Sri Devi  ever even close to being  as  happy a person as perceived by her fans ? My candid answer is , a Big No.

3. I have watched this woman's eyes and their intensity most carefully. Being an NLP practitioner, for me a person's eyes always have been, his or her true giveaways,  revealing the person's unwritten autobiography.

4. Sridevi's story is sad. It is a story of greedy and foolish parents,  and  their little young girl having been used by them, a victim of the naivety of her own protectors.

5.  Being loaded with unaccounted wealth, as  payments in black money for her white labour, Sridevi's  father trusted some of his most unworthy friends and relations with Sridevi's money, only to be cheated by them, after his death.

6.  After Shri's father  died,  her mother's influence became strong in her life.  Her mother proved absolutely foolish in handling her daughter's finances. She invested her daughter's hard earned money in litigated  estates, as a gamble to make huge gains, but the investments further drained  Sri's Purse. Rather than gaining  for her any windfalls. These unwise real estate investments kept  further draining her young fat purse, ultimately leaving  her  'Technically  very talented but financially,  a poor person by Bollywood standards.'

7.  As a result of her miscalculated financial misadventures, in using her own daughter's big earnings as a gambling dice, a very depressed  mother of SD, became a psychotic woman,  and needed medical help, for which Sridevi shifted her mother to America,  and that is when, Mr. Boney Kapoor, already married to Sridevi's best friend Mona, practically entered her life.

8. He offered his shoulder to Sri Devi  to cry upon,  then his help via his american connections, and then his company to fill the void, and then his heart, and then his home, even though for that, Boney divorced his legally married wife, and Sridevi's best friend Mona. 

9.  Now Sridevi had a two in one, a daddy and a hubby, and Boney Kapoor had a wife who was also, a very talented actress, and a star.

10. Boney Kapoor knew every thing about Sridevi, because Sridevi was Boney Kapoor's wife Mona's best friend, and shared all her woes with Mona, but Sri did not know that Boney's finances were in doldrums too.

11. Mean while Sri Devi's  mother died in USA. Boney Kapoor was with Sridevi at that time, and the new BRAIN, and financial manager in the actress's life.   Sridevi's   mother's death was blamed on a medical accident,  a brain surgery  having gone wrong in USA.

12.  Boney Kapoor sued the American hospital for huge  damages for Shri's Mom's Death,  but could only get scraps as damages.

13.  Yes what he earned for sure was Sridevi's trust.  The situation for the English Vinglish girl was that she had, no one else to trust, and this is the vacuum which  BK filled.

14. Why was SD depressed?
Well because by now Sridevi had  realised that, her having married Boney Kapoor, her  best friend, Mona's husband, was in fact a huge miscalculation . As a result of this Mona too was a very unhappy woman. She had never expected that her husband would walk away with her best friend, but the fact remains that the cards were always held by a very experienced Boney Kapoor, who retained Sri, and let go Mona.

15.  She  knew well by now, that the maximum that the BK could offer her was a shoulder to cry upon. By now it was clear that it was not Shri devi whose catch  Boney was, but on the other hand, it was Sridevi, who was  Boney's catch. The woman desired by millions in the world - was all alone in the world except for, one true but now lost friend, Mona, and in marring her husband, she had lost her too.

16. In the end the woman had to restart working once again, when she could have been living a retired life, if her parents had handled her  emotions, money and marriage better than they did.

17.  Certainly by now, Sridevi was  tired, and depressed with her own life's story, which could have been written much better. To add to all this was the fact that,  by now she had started becomimg extremely anxious about her daughter's future aswell.

18.  As per the Arab cops, Sridevi was under the influence of alcohal,  when she  accidentally drowned in her hotel's bath tub. Actually there are no substantial proofs, if it was an accident or some thing more sinister, made to look like an accident. Thus it is still a mystery.

19.  It is possible, that she may have  got drowsy over a mix of alcohal and some medicines,  and as a result,  may have drowned in her bathtub. Afterall she had had, more than two dozen plastic surgeries, so medication must have remained a  regular routine with her.

20. For more Clarity on the case, the case needs being investigated further, by the top most private detectives of the world,  by none other than  the best blood hounds in business.   How ever SD's end came, it must has been sad, lonely, and depressing.

21.  One can't help but say that it is extremely sad, that such a beautiful, talented and successful actress died, a mysterious death, when her second round with destiny had just begun, which could  have been bigger than her first round. Shahrukh khan's Zero is going to be her last movie.

22.  The lesson learnt is that crookedness, foolishness,  cleverness, and calcultiveness, stealing a friends love,  or ditching and switching a life partner, as if it were  a toy, only brings disgrace, pain and suffering upon all those involved, how so ever innocent, beautiful or cute the whole affair might look at the surface.

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