WHAT is SO WRONG with Indian establishment's handling of Canadian Prime minister's visit, and the Sikh identity❓

WHAT is SO WRONG with Indian establishment's handling of Canadian Prime minister's visit, and the Sikh identity❓

Here is a candid take.

1.   What could have been a usual visit to Taj Mahal and Golden Temple, was turned sour by Indian establishment's indifference, even before Justin Trudeau had reached India.

 2. Prime Minister Namo rather than greeting a foreign head of state at the airport, in his usual flamboyant style,  decided to snub his Canadian counterpart, which was shockingly sad. How can the PM forget that Canada has been a key alliance partner in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some one some where failed to give a proper brief to the honourable PM, or else such a diplomatic faux pas, is unheard of in the modern Indian political and diplomatic history.

3. As a result, the Canadian PM's visit to India, which  otherwise could have been a  pleasant diplomatic trip,   was unnecessarily given an ugly twist.

4. The only reason  for this complete messup seems to be that,  JT was accompanied by his powerful and popular Sikh Ministers, Sohi and Sajjan. Was it that it was too difficult to digest the fact,  for the rotten royal indian elite, mistakenly considered as great masters in diplomacy, that  a few ordinary middleclass men, who migrated to Canada, today stand tall as leading Canadian representatives, or is it that Indian establishment has a problem with Sikhs, in general?.

5.   Now The question that arises is, that why is it, that the Indian establishment has a problem with Sikhs? 
Well may be because those writing the briefs for establishment bosses, are not mature enough to see beyond a fixed template,  and continue to  see any demand by Sikhs,  for punishing those responsible for the anti-Sikh pogrom in 1984,  as a sign of separatism.

6.   Let me define the word Pogrom for my friends A Pogrom is a  riot aimed at persecution or massacre of a particular ethnic or religious group. It was basically meant to be used for Jew massacre by Nazis, but after 84 Pan-India massacre, and 2002 Gujrat massacre, the word Pogrom has had,  a very strong muslim and sikh connotation aswell. Period.

7. The Indian establishment, via its mainstream media, and social media  has established that Justin Trudeau is too close to Sikhs.
My simple question is, so what is it that is wrong about that ?
 The establishment has rather chosen to use the word Sikhs and  phrase 'Sikh Sepratists' interchangeably,  as if all Sikhs are sepratists, or rather as if that is what the establishment would like them to be. This is not in the right spirit.

8.  Establishment is also unnecessarily worried,  about the growing international  influence of  Sikh community. Their actions of late have communicated as if a rise of Sikhs internationally,  poses a threat to India’s unity.

9.  Let me assure the bosses at the very top, that all such claims are hyperboled by double intelligence agents, or untrained job hungry moles, who work as spooks for India, but in fact do not even understand the basics of detective and investigative intelligence work. These bastards, keep on collecting rubbish and garbage from foreign media, and keep sending heaps of it to RAW desks in Delhi, who master in preparing some of the stinkiest briefs to keep their political masters awake, by lighting up fires beneath their blessed bottoms, just to keep themselves in cushy appointments, in and around the capital.

10. To add to this complete chaos, we have no dearth of,  mean, shallow,  opportunist Indian politicians, who on one hand want to see Modi, BJP and Sangh, trashed in the dustbin of time, as soon as possible, and also on the other hand,  they want to lick the shoes of today's political masters, being more than willing to bash Sikhs, christians or muslims, only to be able to get a politically correct selfie,  with the bosses that be.

11.  What has been worrisome for thinkers like me is the narrative fed to supreme political bosses of India , by those who regularly brief them on international politics.

12.  Most of the times these very senior desk managers go on fooling their political bosses,  erecting scarecrows in such political fields,  where none are required.  Being super fluff factories,  these piles infested sour-arsed  fake super-spies go on  building a narrative, that the King's ears want to hear, or are used to hearing

13. One such hot narrative that has been dominating the Indian politico-strategic-intelligence circles is,  that Sikhs are by nature rebels, sepratists and anti-nationals, who desire to breakaway from India.

14.  As a result of this narrative being continously fed to political bosses, some people have made political careers out of it. Some rose to be considered as  India's James Bonds, but in summary, they have all made an arse out of India's political bosses. These very folks got  Mrs. G  to messup  a complete community, resulting in a communal genocide and her own assassination. Same breed of opportunist politicians and false fire alarm spies are busy misdirecting Mr. M aswell.

15.  As a result, the Indian government, views  Sikhs in  Canada, U.K, and the U.S.A, getting into positions of power as a threat to India's unity and integrity.

16.    Let me assure you ladies and gentlemen, that nothing could be farther from the truth,  than the narrative of Sikh Diaspora, being essentially  anti-India.

17. The fact is that Sikh diaspora's contribution to economic upliftment of their brethren back home is commendable, and also at the same time most of them are more than happy to be considered, and referred to as proud and hardworking Indians.

18.  The basic fault lies in the fact that the Indian establishment sees any or all demands for justice in case of anti-Sikh 84 riots, as a sign of separatism, which is not true.

19.  The Indian establishment is biting the wrong bait by doing so. Undoubtedly, the Sikh diaspora are quite attached to their religious identity and willing to speak out, but that does not mean that they are separatists. 

20. Successive Indian governments on the other hand have failed to balm the wounds of 84. If the present government takes initiative in assuaging anger over 84,  the Sikh separatist narrative can be forgotten for once and for all, as the Sikhs being by nature progressive, are more interested in building a bright future for themselves, rather than digging out old graves, as also at the same time, I must add here, no community can tolerate the desecration of its dead, which is true for Sikhs too.

21.  I think,  the time has come for  the indian intelligence hounds, and diplomatic doves  to separate the two demands,  rather than seeing them as parts of one narrative. There is an urgent need to view the  demand for punishing those guilty for 84,  and  balming the victims on one hand, as removed and separated from a  demand for a separate sikh state .

22.  Also the complete Sikh diaspora must not be dubbed as separatists. They should rather be felicitated  for their international achievements and contribution to this region's glory and their contribution to the modern world as teachers, soldiers, doctors, engineers, pilots, sailors and above all, honest hard working men and women.

🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
©✒Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

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