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© The general public's 'exploitation' by opinion building troll groups is the direct result of the lack of basic knowledge on systems of governance, types of governments and the related  processes.

In this article, my endeavour is to provide a basic introduction to different forms of governments, possible in our world.

Is a society or a state controlled  by a small class of privileged people, with no intervention from the most part of society; this small elite is defined as sharing some common trait. Power is controlled by a small group of segregated, powerful or influential people who usually share similar interests or family relations. These people may spread power and elect candidates equally or may not do so.  A historical examples of oligarchy are the Roman Republic, in which only males of the nobility could run for office and only wealthy males could vote.  United States is basically an oligarchy.

A Kakistocracy is a Government under the control of a nation's worst or least-qualified citizens. It may result from a corrupted democracy or a hierarchical aristocracy, Fascism or even a whimsical dictatorship.

Kleptocracy is a  corrupt and dishonest government characterised by greed. Basically it is the outcome of corruption having deeply set in a society. It us also called the Thievecracy/Dacoitcracy, or government of thieves.

Also called  Athenian democracy,  is the process of  selection of a ruler or a set of rulers by drawing of lots. Its a system in which lottery or a turn of wheel may decide as to who is going to rule/control a state or asociety.

Is system of governance where political power is in the hands of a small class of privileged individuals who claim a higher birth than the rest of society.

Is the rule by the wealthy. This is a system where the  governance is indebted to,  or dependent upon, or heavily influenced by the desires of the rich. Plutocratic influence can alter any form of government. For instance, in a republic, if a significant number of elected representative positions are dependent upon financial support from wealthy sources, it is a plutocratic republic.

Is the rule by the physicallystrong. I  also call it Bullycracy or Gundacracy. In this system of governance,  those who are strong enough to seize power through physical force, socially maneuvering people, or political cunning end up becoming the rulers of a state.

Rule by military service; a system of governance composed of military government in which the state and the military are traditionally or constitutionally the same entity. Citizens with mandatory or voluntary active military service or who have been honorably discharged have the right to govern. This is a system where society and the  constitution (Oral or Written), of a nation are completely focused on military training and excellence, and often honor-oriented
This should not to be confused with "military junta" or "military dictatorship", where military seizes power from an elected civil government, aristocracy or monarchy.

Rule by the honourable, is a system of governance by honorable citizens. Honour could have different definitions for different societies. It could be learning, military status, wealth or a mixture of them all. Socrates has defined  timocracy as a government ruled by people who love honour and are selected according to the degree of honour they hold in society. Timocracy is very similar to meritocracy, in the sense that individuals of outstanding character or faculty are placed in the seat of power.

Is the rule of meritorious. It is a system of governance where groups are selected on the basis of people's ability, knowledge in a given area, and contributions to society.

Is the rule by the educated or technical experts. This is a system of governance where people who are skilled or proficient in their individual fields,  govern in their respective areas of expertise in knowledge, expertise or technology , and control  decision making. Only Doctors can be Health ministers, Engineers and scientists  could be ministers of construction, science, and other fields, only an Army officer can be a defense minister, a senior cop the internal security minister and only a highly educated person can be the education minister.
In other words in this system, knowledgeable  professionals and technologists, with expertise and skills would compose the governing body if a nation,  instead of politicians.

Is the rule by the intelligent; a system of governance where creativity, innovation, intelligence and wisdom are required for those who wish to govern.

Is the Rule by the wise. It is a system of governance in which decision making is in the hands of philosophers.  Plato was a great advocate of this system.

Is the rule by a religion. In this system of governance,  religious followers of a religion or a sactum become the rulers of a state. The state and the church are traditionally or constitutionally considered the  same entity. The Vatican's (see Pope), Iran's (see Supreme Leader), Tibetan government's (see Dalai Lama), Caliphates and other Islamic states are some examples considered theocracies.

Is a system of governance composed of law enforcement institutions in which the state and the legal systems are traditionally or constitutionally the same entity. The kritarchs, magistrates and other adjudicators have the legal power to legislate and administer the enforcement of government laws in addition to the interposition of laws and the resolution of disputes.  Somalia, ruled by judges is a historical  example.

is a system where the dominant political party (or parties), rule a nation.

 is the rule of working class or the proletariat.  Examples of ergatocracy include communist revolutionaries and rebels which control most of society and create an alternative economy for people and workers. An example is a  Proletariat dictatorship, which is the phase that a state goes through after the political power gets seized from the capitalists by the working class, and the state is in transitory state to establish it self as a communist state.

Is a term invented by the editorial board of the American technology magazine, WIRED. A portmanteau of Internet and aristocracy, netocracy refers to a perceived global upper-class that bases its power on a technological advantage and networking skills, in comparison to what is portrayed as a bourgeoisie of a gradually diminishing importance. The netocracy concept has been compared with  creative class.  Bard and Söderqvist have also defined an under-class in opposition to the netocracy, which they refer to as the consumtariat.

Monarchy, Communism, Dictatorship, Capitalism and Democracy are generally known to all. More in detail on these in other articles.

Remember, no nation can said to be having, absolutely this, or that pure form of government. At places a government could be a healthy mix of some positive types, laced with the negative forms, or an absolute unhealthy mix of the worst types. I leave it to my readers to decide, as to what mix your  nation is enjoying,  celebrating or suffering.

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