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© The general public's 'exploitation' by opinion building troll groups is the direct result of the lack of basic knowledge on systems of governance, types of governments and the related  processes. Most of us go on discussing political issues, support this or that polotical party, follow this or that leader,  without even bothering to acquire basic knowledge on related issues.

In this writeup, I will introduce you to the basics of democracy.

Democracy, means the"rule of the people".

It is a system of government in which the citizens 'Exercise Power Directly', like in Switzerland, or elect representatives from amongst themselves to form a governing body, such as a parliament.

Democracy is sometimes referred to as "rule of the majority", but may not always be so.

Different individuals/groups may come together as representatives of different intrest groups, and form a collation to capture power.

The madness in Democracy is  that it is a system of processing conflicts,  in which  the outcome of conflicts can be manipulated by influencing, the opinion of voters, by emotionally swaying them, by creating sectarian or regional conflicts amongst them, or simply by buying their votes.

Thus the real out come of a democratic process  depends upon how aware, or educated  the voters are  and how honest or manipulative the person wishing to be elected is.

The key, to understand, that a democracy is failing, or is being undermined, is to be observant to signs, of it being controlled by an  individual, a family, or a group of ideologically alligned individuals.

 A group of 'selfish interest' aligned individuals, who start manipulating public opinion,  as a means to capture power, or/and then make structural changes, in the basic governing principles of a state, society, or a nation are as big a threat for a democracy, as is a foreign invasion.

Democracy itself has a few different forms, which are.....

Direct democracy:-
It is a variant of democratic government in which  people represent themselves and vote directly, for new laws, and public policy. Switzerland is a living example of this.

Representative democracy:-
Is a variant of democracy,  wherein the people or citizens of a country, elect representatives for a fixed period of time, to create and implement public policy,  in place of active,  day to day participation by them. India is an example.

Liberal democracy:-
Is  a form of government in which, representative democracy operates under the principles of liberalism.

 It is characterised, by fair, free, and competitive elections between multiple political parties, and a separation of powers into different branches of government, like separation of power betwen the legislature, judiciary and the executive.

A liberal democracy is governed, by the rule of law in everyday life.
It is an open society, ensuring protection of human rights and civil liberties for all it's citizens.

To define the system in practice, liberal democracies, draw upon a constitution, either formally written or uncodified. The constitution tgen serves as an instrument of delineating the powers of all government's branches, including judiciary, executive and legislature from all possible social influences like religion, caste, creed, enshrining the social contract in equality alone.

20th century onwards, the liberal democracy has become the most loved, respected and predominant political system in the world.

A liberal democracy may take various constitutional forms.  It may be a republic, such as France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Taiwan, or the United States; or a constitutional monarchy, such as Japan, Spain, or the United Kingdom. It may have a presidential system(Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, or the United States), a semi-presidential system (France, Portugal, or Taiwan), or a parliamentary system (Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom).

Social democracy:-
Is a form of democracy which rejects phobiocratic polarising interpretation'  of capitalism versus socialism. It claims that fostering progressive evolution of capitalism will gradually result in the evolution of capitalist economy into socialist economy. This is basically a foolish idea as human greed for wealth and power will never allow it to happen. The positive side of this system is that it advocates freedom from discrimination based on differences of, ability, disability, age, ethnicity, sex, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and social class.

Totalitarian democracy:-
This variant of democracy  refers to a system of government, in which lawfully elected representatives, maintain the integrity of a nation state, whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision making process of the government.

Is a variant of democracy, where citizens are able to vote for their government, but cannot participate directly in governmental decision making, and where the  people do not  share any power with the government .

Is a variant of democracy, in which the state is governed by randomly selected decision makers, who have been selected by sortition (lottery) from a broadly inclusive pool of eligible citizens.

 Demarchy, can overcome some of the functional problems of conventional  democracy subject, to manipulation by special interest groups or crooked politicians.

It can be a good substitute for a representive democracy, an answer to a situation where  leadership has gone in to the hands of  undeserving, unqualified and corrupt politicians,  and the nation is having a majority of largely passive, uninvolved and uninformed electorate.

Demarchy, I must repeat again is a  'Random Selection' of decision makers from a larger group of selected candidates, who fullfill the basic essential criteria for selection, based on age, status, education, experience, military service, or other criterias  as deemed fit .

(सीधा समझना हो तो सिस्टम ये है की उदहारण के तौर पे पहले मुल्क के  1500 नुमाइंदे काबलियत के बेसिस पे चुन लिए जाएँ। फिर 1500 पर्चियां ड्रम में डाल कर घुमा दी जाएं। और किसी बच्चे से 30 पर्चियां निकलवाई जाएँ। यह हो गयी सरकार। फ़िर इन 30 लोगों में नाम फिर से घड़े में डाल कर, घुमा कर जो नाम निकले वह हो गया प्रधान मंत्री।  न कोई खींच तानी, न चम्पू गिरी, बस पहले देश के top के हज़ार 1500 क़ाबिल लोग चुन लो, उन की विभिन्न कबलियतों के दम पे, और फिर डाल दो घड़े में पर्चियां। सरकार की सरकार, साथ में लॉटरी का कारोबार, है न मज़ेदार।)  The Athenian democracy made use of sortition, with nearly all government offices filled by lottery  rather than by election. Candidates were always male, Greek, wealthy and educated citizens.

Thus, my dear friends, if democracy itself is so complex, and so easily manipulatable and exploitable,  and has so many types, just imagine, how much of sham, could be created around it.

This should be the minimum one should know about democracy if one wants to live in a democracy and preserve it.

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