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© The greatest threat to a 'United India' today  is strangely emerging, not from some enemy states,  but political charlatans and adventurers from, within India.

These, to be directly addressing the issue are our criminalised politicians.

India has already been damaged beyond repair by caste politics. It was expected that post 2014, the leaders will hit at the root of this cause, but alas, they have only been adding fuel of extreme religious politics to the fire, only to turn it in to an inferno.

 These dirty politicians of all hues and shades, indulging in politics of  pitting regions, religions, languages, rivers and caste  against each other, will only succeed in creating  a fractured India, even if they succeed in getting a marginally favourable mandate in their favour.

Let me assure you that, if at all these politicians of opportunity and divisive policies garner a few extra votes,  with their dirty ways, they shall only  get these votes at the cost of a fractured 'INDIANNESS'.

Many people , who have visualised a new nation , namely 'Akhand Bharat' to come up as a result of a positive political alliance betwen countries like Pak, BD, Nepal, SL, Burma joining the big picture as part of a huge federation or an 'Open Umbrella Confederation', the possibility of which could be a reality, as a result of political, defence and economic compulsions emerging in South Asia, post the Sino-USA tussle, may well feel cheated.

With this now almost established  narrative, of breaking temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras etc, and pitting one community members against another, to the extent of killing members of another community, region, caste or religion, over differences of food and other cultural issues is bound to be extremly destructive.

With this, In the end all that the people of this vast nation may get are, some religious, regional or lingual states like Tamil land, Khalistan, Communist tribal land,  Rajputana, Jatland, Yadav land, a hard core communist Nepal,  and ofcourse Andhraland, Telangaland, and many other XYZ lands  etc etc.

These traders of 'Divide and Rule' are only destroying the dream of a (U.S.I) The United States of India.

This politics of division is the most unfortunate part of modern subcontinent taking place under cover of bogus calls for  'Pseudo-Nationalism' and 'Virtually Projected Development'.

Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques or 'NO' Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques, India and Indian-ness is paramount to a modern India, and that is being threatened by these political carpet sellers.

Let me boldly proclaim that 'Politics of Hate' is more dangerous than any external enemy to the 'Future of India',
🕯तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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