Of Hedgehogs, Foxes and Leaders. @ © ✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

©  There are two types of people who operate in the power circles of a society.

The headstrong Hedgehogs, whose world view and other paradigms revolve around a fixed ideology, a fixed path  and the ever sniffing, ever alert foxes, thinking about all the different possibilities.

I would like to bring in our PM, Modi ji as an example here. He is a headstrong leader who is a 100%  hedgehog, when the hedgehog and the fox paradigm is applied to him.

Modi ji must see my logic, understand the paradigm, continue to be a hedgehog, but then, also at the same time, surround him self with as many foxes as possible.

But, he also must remember that 'Foxes' are of two types.

The first type are the rubber stamp follower foxes, who approve of every thing a hedgehog does, and thus validate a headstrong 'Hedgehog Leader', making him feel good about every thing he does, thus bringing him to a very certain doom. Such foxes must never be allowed in the inner circle, as they are greedy, opportuniSTS  and ambition driven, and  thus selfish. They are good as party workers but worthless as advisors.

The second kind of Foxes are the ones, who are bold and honest with their ever renewing benchmarks and opinions.

They challange the hedhehog in to following a persistent but more brainstormed and prudent path.

 These are the true advisors, the intellectuals, who must be hand picked from across board, from beyond the party pool, and from across different ideologies. These foxes need to be brought in to the inner circles as they ensure that a hedgehog wont go blatantly wrong in his directions and thus survive longterm.

I have used Modi ji as a metaphor here, although the paradigm is as applicable to Rahul ji, Arvind ji and all others across board.

To understand the essence of what I have said, any leader willing and wishing to be seated on throne for a sustained period of time, per se needs to understand this model.

The challange for any hedgehog is to recognise his own headstrong nature, recognise the two types of foxes, and then garner as many foxes as possible  of the first type to build numbers, yet only depend upon the second type of foxes for all essential advice.
 📚तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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