Murky & Slushy political arena of India. @ 📿🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay🚩⚔

More AYYARI, HOSHIYAARI, Be-Daari, Be-Zaari and extreme MAKKARI in an already Slushy and Murky political arena of India.
@📿🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay🚩⚔

As we enter the age of  AYYARI in politics, leaving back Hoshiyaari, miles behind, an age of mass deceit has arrived and is here to stay.

Today every communication is being well designed as a tool of public opinion manipulation and every action is aimed at protecting increasing, or hijacking a votebank.

There are animated videos of a political hero doing the rounds, in which our Sahib is being projected as the Patriotic Manoj Kumar or Innocent Raj Kapoor of Indian Dreamworld called Bollywood, as a result of a well thought out media strategy, aimed at both entertaining and 'Infotraining' the masses.

 The voice of dissent is also rising in an equal proportion.

People like the one's who are directly related with the election process, and opposition aswellas the general public are raising questions on authenticity of EVMs.

In Gujarat and Himachal both, a recounting of EVM paper slips is being demanded.

   In this scenario,  'Operation Laloo' could just be a 'Smoke Screen Operation' to hide own discrepancies of those in power and dull down the voices of dissent.

Laloo being on the hit list of powers that be, now being a much softer target, post his divorce with Nitish and Nitish remarrying his old spouse, BJP, such a strike was expected before the next election.

 What can not be ignored is that the  voices of dissent have now started  becoming louder, and started  gaining a wider public audience.

As per Ex Chief Election Commissioner, Shri T.S.Krishnamurti, BJP has won the elections in Himachal and Gujrat, as a result of EVMS hacking.

पूर्व मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त टीएस कृष्णमूर्ति ने यह कह कर सनसनी फैला दी है कि उत्तर प्रदेश उत्तराखंड गुजरात और हिमाचल प्रदेश का चुनाव सिर्फ और सिर्फ बीजेपी नें ईवीएम हेकिंग की वजह से जीता है।
 Krishna murti के अनुसार कांग्रेस और समूचे विपक्ष को ईवीएम पर खुलकर विरोध और आदोलन तब तक करना चाहिए जब तक मोदी सरकार  ईवीएम बैन कर के बैलेट पेपर्स से चुनाव की घोषणा न कर दे।

In light of the above, Indians should look forward to more AYYARI, HOSHIYAARI, BeDaari, BeZaari, and extreme MAKKARI in an already slushy political arena of India.
🚩तत्तसत्त श्रीअकाल🚩
📿🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay🚩⚔

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