🚩Rising height of Sikh Flag and the declining height of Sikh Standards.🚩 @ 📿Motivational Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

🚩Rising height of Sikh Flag and the declining height of Sikh Standards.🚩
@ 📿Motivational Guru Balwant Gurunay.⚔

The Sikhs are in news all over, and its good for the community. Sikhs are becoming a part of international governments, joining armies of many developed nations and rising to other important political and adminstrative  positions internationally, but as on one hand, the religion is evolving in its cosmopolitan avatar, the dark forces of superstition and irrational belief on the other hand, are refusing to wane in sikhism.

The real reason for this is that majority of Sikhs are moving away from the true path of 'Sikh Masters' and falling in to the traps, forbidden by Masters.

Greatest things about all Sikh Gurus is that they were against superstiouos beliefs, because they believed in and propagated Truth alone, which directly transfers to an intelligent, diligent, honest and bold lifestyle. An honest and Jujhaaru lifestyle.

Guru Nanak preached every thing that was rational alone. He had cticised the way of Chamtkari Sadhus and Yogis as falsehood and  superfluous. 

Gurus had also at the same time, preached against all Brahnimcal Karamkand and ritualistic  drama.

GURU Gobind Singh ji, the most beloved Sikh Guru strictly believed in 'Brave and Truthful Humans', and encouraged both the purity of action and intent.

The complete saga of Sikh Martyrdom from the 5th Guru to 10th master and his immediate family and loyal followers, carried forward by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his warriors,  is studded with one cardinal lesson, and that is,  that all evil in humanity has to be fought with Good Human Karma, not prayer or magic.

A truthful man, needs not to pray, but is ordained by Gurus, to  fight for and protect,  all that is held Nobel, in human society. 

All Gurus also stressed upon the institution of a commune. 

Community must struggle as a whole to strive for goodness, but the desire  of individuals to shine ahead of each other has forbidden many Sikhs to truly follow the true Path of Gurus. 

Although they do externally wear the marks of Sikhism, but as far as their lifestyle is concerned, they are very much driven by the market forces, and a very competitive model of linear progressin of pseudo growth, where all success is measured by the financial success of a person alone, achieved by hook or by crook.

Then there is the issue of irrational and illogical beliefs. 

Sikhism has no space for miracles. 

The only miracle Sikhism preaches is the miracle of human gritt and determinatiim and a collective  human effort.

All stories of Chamtkars or miracles are made up stuff, a lot during the British raj, to ensure that the flock increases, as they needed people, and all this was  promoted by the priestly class, to ensure a regular flow of  devoutees.

There are many examples to proove such false practices, that have now found place in Sikhism.

Let's start with Gurudwaras Pathar Sahib where a boulder is said to have been thrown on Guru Nanak Sahib by a Giant, but the boulder turned in to wax, inprinting Nanak's body print on it. Now the fact is, why did that stone made  wax by Guru Sahib become stone again? 

Why did Nanak allow the Giant to throw the rock on him in the first place? 

Guru ji could have frozen the Giant himself, rather than turning the Rock in to Wax, but may be the makers of this story thought it more convenient to build it this way.

Than, the Mecca incident. 

Undoubtedly A rationalist Philosopher like Satguru Nanak Sahib must have convinced a superstitious and staunch Muslim  priest to re-engineer his false beliefs. Guru Nanak ji must have convinced the narrow minded Mullah to understand the omnipresence of Allaah, but, that he moved the Kaaba all around, like a box of cardboard just to prove his point,  is absolutely a belief, based on a deliberate effort to kill the rational thought in Sikhism, and replace it by illogical beliefs.

Then we have the Panjaa sahib example, where, again Satguru stopped a huge boulder rolled down a hill by an 'Egoistic Spiritualist' to kill Nanak, as per this fable,  by extending his hand alone to stop the stone, and such was the impact of the boulder on the Guru's hand, that his hand got imprinted on it.

Now this is and never was the way of Nanak, because Nanak neither claimed nor wished to be a 'Spiderman or a Superman'.

  If he wanted to stop the stone thus, he could easily have turned it in to thin air ! Why did he let it roll down till it was right next to him. Sounds funny.

Than a story doing the rounds is that in the battle of Chamkaur, 130,000 professional mughal army soldiers were killed by just about 42 Sikhs. 

 Going by this,  each Sikh must have killed, atleast 3250 mughals in a single night, with weapons like swords, clubs and axes alone.  That means in a battle lasting about 6 hours, (360 minutes,) every Sikh soldier should have killed almost 9 mughals per minute.  This looks far fetched.

The truth is that in this battle, the Sikhs had decided, that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib must leave the battle, and escape, so as the mission continues.
Sikhs fought this battle extremely well, and attained martyrdom. 

In my opinion, they must have gone in for multiple   suicide  commando missions, and killed quite a few mughals, as their, this strategy ensured that the mughals stay engaged with them,  as Guru Ji is enabled to escape,  to organise and continue his rebellious struggle against oppression, and in the process, each Sikh may have killed more than a score of enemy soldiers. 

It was a great battle indeed, extremely well fought by Sikhs, but to present an exaggeration of it,  is not the way of great Sikhs.

Even if each Sikh is credited with 50 kills, the number of enemy soldiers killed could not be more than 2000, but to exaggerate this figure to I30,000 can only be termed as a work of  wild imagination or a poetic exaggeration.

The Sikhs always had, and still have a warrior persona, but they are and have proven to be having a strong mercenary streak aswell. That is why after the fall of Lahore Darbar, Sikhs fell in line with the Firangi, so fast and so well, and they fought for Firangi in 1857 Indian mutiny, against the Freedom fighter rebels, and in both world wars there after, they faught for the Gora.

What is of concern to Sikhism today, is the progression of 'Faith in Divine Miracles' and 'Degradation of faith in Human Values and Human vulnerability', and this is a direct result of  Brahnimcal values, focused not on Karam,  but Karam-kaand.

The tradition of offering Prasad, Rumalas money etc, or asking for boons and wish-fulfillment,  and thus turning the holy book in to a deitified demi-god is the greatest fall of Sikhism.

Guru Gobind Singh ji wanted his Sikhs to be Gyan-Yogis and Karam-Yogis alone, but they have taken to the way of 'Fake Bhakti Yoga', as a result of which the majority of Sikhs rather than reading SGGS ji, are praying to it and seeking boons or protection from it.

A true Sikh never Prays. He does not read the bani as a mantra, but reads it daily as instructions for life.

This difference must be understood by all educated and cosmopolitan Sikhs, or else this very modern and extremely scientific religion shall soon be taken over by the crooked priestly class, married to corrupt and exploitative political class in India and else where in the world,  to use  Sikhs as a vote bank, or mere boots on battle grounds alone.

If course correction is not executed,  the loss will be to sikhism and ordinary simple hearted Sikhs alone.
🚩ਤੱਤਸੱਤ ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ🚩
📿Motivational Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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