A case report on Dera Baba SS head, GRRS...by ✒GBG📿⚔

Baba RR's case is an extremy interesting 'Cospirazione Politica Sociale' case study of our times.

This case should serve as a warning to all so called Baba jis and Mata jis, Acharyas, Gurus, Professors etc.

This complete operation which is said to have started as a result of an 'anonymous written complaint' to powers that be,  in April 2002, about Baba RR's  exploits, has innumerable lessons for all.

A case regarding RR was registered by the CBI in December 2002, on  directions of  Punjab and Haryana High Court, and the then polotical bosses. 

As an outfall of it, a CBI OPERATION was launched, the teaser for which in fact was the above said anonymous letter, and the best part is, it took quite some time for CBI sleuths to actually track down the said complainants. '❕➕❔➕❕'

Years later, that is in the year 2017, Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was ultimately found guilty of raping two of his followers. 

As a result Gurmeet Ram Rahim  has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.
The country was ruled by BJP, when the complaint against GRR was made. When he was convicted, both the state and the country were ruled by BJP again.

Leaving the, truth, untruth or  sanity and insanity of the accusations and conviction of the case aside,  in my opinion, the case stemmed from a huge jealousy generated by RRs extremly lavish lifestyle, and his habit of making extremly powerful politicians, bend head over heals in front of him.

You all must have seen CMs and deputy CMs, ministers and other very powerful power brokers, prostrating in front of Baba, and then his PR and publicity teams getting busy splashing the pictures of such meetings, all over the print and electronic media, as an exercise to  build a huge clout for the said 'Messenger of God'.

Right from the beginning of time when Dera Sacha Sauda chief's  endless stories started coming out, these stories were  saturated with information  about his flamboyant lifestyle and exuberant hobbies. 

How lavishly GRR  lived can be gauged from his  super luxurious  fully AC bullet proof  residence named  'Tera Vaas'.

The sanitisation of 'Tera Vaas' has now been carried out by orders of, and under the supervision of Punjab and Haryana high court.

This search has revealed  king sized luxuries that GRR was used to, includind a private kitchen stocked with imported drinking water, energy drinks, gourmet food, a 7 star living area, private pool, giant televisions, super projectors,  private theater, a bevy of cars, SUVs and sophisticated weapons, 29 large wardrobes each 14 feet high,  loaded with massage oils, perfumes, CDs, hard disks,  cosmetic products, and hundreds of shoes, hats, caps, etc,  not to mention  documents leading to properties worth billions,  found on the premises of Dera.

Whatever  the reasons for this 'Baba Washout Operation' could have been, what seems certain, is that  the main outfall of this operation is to send a warning to all such babas to fall in line, and never bite more than they can chew.

Thus  a threat has been indirectly issued to all flamboyant Baba's and Matas to mend their ways, as such show-off of an exuberant and arrogant lifestyle, is only going to be self destructive for them.

It is self destructive no doubt to play over-smart with people as powerful as Badals, Chautalas, Khattars, Shahs, Modis,  the IAS, IPS and High Judicial lobbies or the 'Top Mafiaso.'

In any case, those in the business of providing spiritual solace to masses have no reason, or need, to splurge in luxuries like extremly high-end vehicles, choicest weapons,  bullet-proof cars and super luxury houses etc.

A spiritual man or a woman in any case is expected to live a life governed by principles of 'Simple living and High thinking.'

This case has been on close heels of Rampal and Asaram, specially latter becoming infamous, for staging Sri Krishan Kanhaiya type dances, the torch pointer exploits in his congregations, and at the same time flaunting his clout with most powerful movers and shakers.

   And then he to got charged  with rape, and his henchmen were even accused  of sodomy and murder of some youngesters,  in alleged tantrik experiments at his establishment.

RR's  life and his exploits make some of the most gripping case-studies about the 21st century Indian society, drenched in medieval faith believing in miracles, as they and their masters lose themselves in a slushy-slutty world of religio-political mesh.

 This case is a case of  'Baba Politician nexus' having gone miserably haywire.

As a result of understanding these cases,  let some social and spiritual learning take place and let good sense prevail all around.

📿तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🏹
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay. ⛩

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