Vishnu Bhagwan tussi great Ho.... What an Idea Sir Ji !

Many places of worship rely on donations and offerings for income but some Indian temples have devised unusual but lucrative ways—selling human hair to the West.

 Many Hindus shave their head, as they consider offering their hair to Vishnu Bhagwan a very pious deed.

If you too have ever offered your hair at a temple , well its worth knowing that your hair do not reach Vishnu and he does not even care.

Prized by  Italian wig manufacturers and the chinese chemical industry,  your hair either reach the famous wig makers in Italy or chemical factories in China where amino acid El-Cystine is extracted from them for use as a food preservative.

India’s richest temple, the Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh, takes advantage of this on an industrial scale.In the temple there are two halls filled with barbers. They shave the hair from 12,000 pilgrims every day. That produces tons of hair every year worth more than $6.5 million or Rs. 35 crores.

Now hair from the shops of Bangalore barbers are also being collected to be sold to the temple which further sells this added stock to western buyers.............. Vishnu Bhagwan tussi great Ho.... What an Idea Sir Ji :)

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