Understanding the concept of 'HUQAM'

A dear friend asked me……… ‘Meri samasya yeh hai:
Kiv sachiara hoiye, kiv kudey tootey paal ||  uska hall bhi guru sahib ne bataya hai: hukum rajai chalana nanak likhiya naal ||----------- bas, mushkil baat hain usko amal  karna...

My humble answer.... यह सद्गुरु नानक का क़ौल है, उन की बानी है  'Hukam RAZAyee chalna'  अब ये 'रज़ाई'  का सीधा मतलब है रज़ा में चलना।  किस की रज़ा में

 बाबा नानक एक साइंटिस्ट थे लेकिन उन्हें भी आखिर पुरोहितों, अंधभग्तों और दकियानूसी लोगों ने किडनैप कर लिया.  Baba ji's approach was very scientific. He understood the system and systemic approach very well.   
बाबा जी की बानी के अनुसार 'हुक्म रज़ाई चलना '   यानी किस हुक्म की रज़ा में  चलने की हिदायत  दी जा रही है और आखिर ये हुक्म है क्या ? ये इतना ज़रुरी  क्यों हैनानक ने तो यहां तक कह दिया ,'हुक्म पछाने, सो इको जाने,  बंदा  कहिये सोयी' .......if someone understands the huqm, he only can understand 'The One Great Truth, God' and 'All as One God'  and thus only he/she can be called a human. 

So what Does it all mean. Let us try and understand the concept of Huqm.  Huqm is not some orders being passed by an 'Controlling officer God'  sitting in the sky.  Huqm simply means an established system.

If you jump from a mountain you may be a Superman or James bond, you are bound to die because the Huqm is such. 'System' is established for the gravity to pull you down and crash you.  But if you understand another part of Huqm, that is aerodynamics, then by making use of a parachute or a hang glider, by increasing your surface area and using the force of lift to help you defy gravity, you can jump from any high mountain and still land safely on ground. So by understanding Huqam and by respecting it you have negotiated a particular set of circumstances. You and I have not created the forces of nature. We have not created gravity, we have not created the principles of aerodynamics. Newton has not created his three laws, it is not because of Einstein that E =mc2.  All our scientists have only understood these laws. That is why we don't say newton made his three laws, but we rather say Newton gave us the three laws of physics, meaning thereby that he was the first who understood them and then gave that understanding to us. The scientists have not created these laws. The laws don't function because of scientists having understood them. they were functional even before they were ever understood. Laws are in place as a result of a system having been created by nature, by establishing Huqam and by scientists having understood them we have understood them and gained by their application. This is the magic of understanding Huqm.

A person who insists on irrational faith, like the fundamentalists and unaware believers can do 100 'Wazeefas', a thousand 'Paaths' a lakh recitations of a holy book, 'a million pilgrimages to Ganga, Kaba, Vatican or Amritsar,  nothing is going to help. I guarantee that if a person after acquiring all this superficial merit jumps from a mountain without a parachute,  he will die. This is what Baba Nanak tried to impress upon simple folks when standing in river Ganga at Haridwar Baba ji started offering water to his farmlands at Kiratpur instead of Sun. When the pundits asked him the meaning of it his simple reply was, "if the water offered like this can reach the Sun millions of miles away, then why not my farms which are very close in comparison.

Similarly when he slept with his feet towards Kaaba in Mecca, and on being pointed out by a priest that he is being disrespectful to Allah, Nanak simply said," Please shift my feet in a direction where there is no Allah."   Logic and rationality ruled Nanak's philosophy and he always wanted his mureeds, his sikhs, his shishyas to follow that path.

 Truly respecting the almighty God is to respect his laws. For that understanding them, keeping them in mind and having respect for them is a must. Proper path in 'Adhyaatam' is,  Gyan yog to Prem Yog to Dhyaan yog to Bhakti Yog. Once you understand and respect the laws of nature you will naturally fall in love with nature, will always remember the realised truth and then intuitively start realising as to how a challenge posed by one set of natural laws can be negotiated by application of another set of laws.  

All scientific inventions and discoveries are nothing more than the result of our understanding this HUQAM. The more we understand HUQAM or SYSTEM of nature, of our earth and our universe,  more its creator...ie: God allows us to play around in it. Once you understand and respect the laws of nature you will intuitively start realising as to how a challenge posed by one set of natural laws can be negotiated by application of another set of laws.  All scientific inventions and discoveries are nothing more than the result of our understanding this HUQM.

Human nature is also run with in a Huqm. Without going into details i would like to throw in a hint here that it is run by a system of ID, EGO, SuperEgo, Collective Consciousness and Neuro linguistic programming.  'Jeha beejey teha paavey'.   The way our mind functions and the way we behave is very much the end result of a functional system in place. So if a big business house takes away the land of a tribal and then sends a priest to the tribal to explain to him that, 'Look son it is all 'Huqm', and if  that tribal, feeling wronged,  picks up a gun to kickarse the business house owner, then that is is huqam too.  If you wrong me, slap me on my face, I am bound to feel hurt and react either with my tears  or striking you back. Now, what I do, is a matter of how the nature or nurture has programmed me. This programming is Huqm. Guru ji has with his scientific approach simply explained that the system works on Input -output method.The moment we understand this,  all human conflict can be resolved.

 'Raza' is 'marzi' तो मर्ज़ी किस की।सिस्टम की . यानि  नानक कह गए की first understand the system and then follow the system and also understand a scientific truth that there are systems commanding, overruling and functioning within systems. .. ' हुक्मे हुक्म चलायी रहे ' ..and God ? Well he is Niranjan, Nirmool and Beparvaah ..... He does not care............ as having established order or system he becomes detached from it.... 'Hukme hukm chalayi raho nanak vigsey beparwah'.

 The whole game lies in understanding the system.............. some try and explain it through concepts of duality and some through nondualism, whereas existence is both Dual and nondual at the same time.  ' There is a Sufi KAul, : Rabb manya la mahdood vi ha, Har soorat vich Maujood vi hai, Soorat da pujari Allah hai'..... thus meaning that .............though  God is formless but at the same time he alone manifests in all forms as well. Baba Kabir Ji rightly pointed out 'Anjan mein vassey Niranjan'....................

So Understanding the system is most important. But if its understanding makes you passive in your life approach than the concept has not been understood properly.  जिस कॉन्सेप्ट को बनते हुए नानक से गोबिंद तक १०  जनरेशन लगे वो कोई अदना कांसेप्ट नहीं है। नानक के इस क़ौल ने बहुत  लोगों को निष्क्रिय भी किया but only those who did not quite understand it...  दसवीं गद्दी पे जब मर्दे कामिल यानि सद्गुरु गोबिंद सिंह बैठा तो उस महा परुष ने इस बाणी की व्याख्या पूर्ण की, सर्वंश-दानी बन कर,  He is the one who said," Chu kar az hama heelte dar guzshat, Halal ast burdan ba shamsheer dast."---- " All modes of redressing the wrong having failed, raising of sword is pious and just." He provided Dynamism to the meaning of this philosophy.

जीवन के बनने बिगड़ने  की प्रतिक्रिया, यिन  और यांग का नंगा तांडव, ये सब सिस्टम का हिस्सा है।

"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glaanir  Bhavathi Bharatha, 
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya, Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'. 
"Whenever there is decay of righteousness 
O! Bharatha And a rise of unrighteousness then I manifest Myself!"
Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7) 

Praritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam,
 Dharamasansthapnaya Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge.
"For the protection of the good,
For the destruc­tion of the wicked and for the 
Establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age."
" Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-8)
Passive acceptance of turmoil’s in society cannot be the Huqm alone. The maverick groups, Vigilante groups,  organisations or an individual  striving and struggling to bring about changes to establish balance in system is a part of HUQM as well... 
Part of the LORD's scheme of things.

If we think of bringing about any revolutionary changes in the society, it is not out of our ego, it is through huqam, the ego and pain and pride have all been established as parts of the system. It must be understood once and for all that 'System itself runs the system' - Hukme hukm chalaayi Rahaa'......... 
Thus Krishna and Guru Gobind are as सार्थक,  as relevant as Kabir and Nanak.  Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Chandar Shekhar are as important to run this system as Gandhi.  A warrior is as important as a Saint ................. Neither more nor less. That is why My Murshid, Mard-E-Kaamil Guru Gobind Singh gave the concept of 'Sant Sipahi'... A 'Warrior Saint'. The Pen and the Sword must work together and not detached from each other.

My friend your question was, 
"Kiv sachiaara hoiye, kiv kude tute paal" ?
किव  सचिआरा होविए किव कूड़े टुटे पाल ?
 [How could I know the truth and how the smog of confusion will disappear?]

..............  My answer is 'Hukm Pachhaan aye dosta sab mit jau kood andhiyaar"
हुकम पछाण ए दोस्ता सब मिटे गा कूड़ अन्धिआर 
. {Understand the system my friend and all confusion and falsehood will disappear.}
... Once you understand it and fall in love with it............ Amal khud-b-khud ho ga... You shall naturally walk the path of truth if it is once realised.

Om Tat SAt, Fateh Darshan....... Poet balwant Gurunay aka Guru Gurunay.
Postscript :- To understand what I have said please do read this as well.

1 :- This essay is not an effort to establish some kind of a divinity or an aura around a particular religion but is an effort towards establishing the importance of 'System' as a paradigm for functionality of any and all things, people organisations and even this universe. In the natural systems we humans suffer because of our poor understanding of the systems of nature or by ignoring the warnings that the systems gives us. For example the natural system requires the mountain slopes in rainy regions to be covered by thick forests, to hold heavy rains and control the water flow in catchment areas and also  to hold soil and keep the mountain side held tightly in place by the roots of the trees and shrubs, to check denudation and floods. But if a man by his ignorance, arrogance or greed has chopped away the forests the nature is going to punish humans with many more Uttarakhand like tragedies.

2  :- Another point that comes to my mind is our country's political system. When the system to govern free India was being designed and put in place many scholars like Prof. Shah and others had opposed the kind of parliamentary system put in place in India. It is s bad system where Legislative, Executive and Judiciary are so placed as to scratch each others back. As a result corruption is going on in India even today to the extent that several ministers and nearly a quarter of the 543 elected members of parliament had been charged with crimes, including rape and murder. India is suffering because of a 'Bad Huqm', 'A BAd System' made functional to establish order.  If we had Presidential form of government just like America and the three main pillars of democracy , that is Legislative, Executive and Judiciary were kept absolutely independent of each other just like in the USA...... India would have been an extremely progressive nation today instead of an extremely corrupt nation. 
Jai Hind.... Poet balwant Gurunay.

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