Religion is an opium for MORONS.

                                  Most of the people in the world including us, the great secular Indians, are overwhelmed by religion.

                                         Right from our childhood this mandir, masjid, church or Gurudwara thing is drilled in to us.

                                       So inspite of having a scientific approach on many other things of life when it comes to religion we suspend our logic and start getting emotional.  

                                     Religion is the most abused and misused concept. As you will start delving deep in to the subject you will realize that all religions started as 'Rebel' or 'Revolutionary' movements against social oppression or oppression by state and its rulers. It always has been the call of the times and some unique circumstances.

                                   Later when the basic function of these revolutionary movements, that is bringing about social and systemic changes, was over, they got hijacked by the leftovers of those movements or the clever priestly class whom I would refer to as Psycho criminals. 

                                           The Rebels and revolutionaries who laid down their lives for a good cause were reduced to deities or we can safely say got deityfied in temples or mosques  without or with their images or statues like Krishna, Durga, Hanuman Ji, Ram or JESUS on the CRUCIFIX.

                                       Their families, their dogs, cats, horses and even birds or the books they wrote, read or prescribed to became holy animals, holy people or holy books. 

                                             We like fools started looking at great people as some kind of holy spirits or gods. We started thinking of them not as some Great Teachers, Murshids, Gurus or Pirs but more as  some kind of demigods or all prevailing spirits that would guide us or chide us as we traverse the road of our mortal lives, not with their teachings but with their divine interventions.

                                              This took us away from the ideals the great people stood for, fought for or sacrificed their lives for. But we with our sheepal adulations and meaningless rituals (Draameybaazi),  most certainly did manage to turn them into idols to the joy and advantage of priestly class. 

                                                 Even in this great age of science and technology, we like idiots born in the dark ages continue to have faith in superstitions. The greatest superstition of all is 'Religion' itself. It is all bullshit. All religions are pure '100%' Bullshit. God, as we know him or perceive him, is the biggest lie on earth and so is the devil.

                                                Only cardinal truths are goodness or evil in the human beings who by a superb accident of nature are at the top of the food chain.

                                          If their is a higher intelligence that has created the world then that intelligence is neutral to what happens with the hydrocarbon bits and bytes here animated by a superb  biochop called 'ATMA' or 'Soul", a software that the software engineers of this world shall never decipher.

                                                 Religion is the opium of morons, spirituality the elixir of fools, silence the music of awakened ones, 'aware speech' the call of the Lord and a 'Mast Bazm'  being His/Her only true 'Mahfil'.

                                                    Religion is no more than just but a stick used by clever priests and rulers to shepherd the sheepal fools in to the butcheries of political ambition and control. It’s the biggest 'Command and Control' HR trick, a system with which you can put a sworn zombie or an established floozie in charge of millions of otherwise intelligent people. The best part is the trick is still working

                                                   I am not an atheist.  I do believe in Goodness and God but at the same time I am convinced that 'Organised Religions and Cults' built around a kind of 'Hostel Matron God are purely the work of Devil.  God is ANJAN mahi Niranjan. He does not need your worship, your prasad or your candles. Handle the candles and the food to the needy and may be the true God is served a bit by you as you serve the good ness.

                                                 I remember  a joke. Once some senior demons went to Devil and complained about one Prophet after another visiting the earth. This way we might just run out of business...complained the demons. Devil asked them not to worry at all. Devil said,"Once the Saintly souls leave make it a point that you build a shrine and a religion around each one of them". Since then the business has been booming.  CIAO 

 ...Poet Balwant Gurunay aka Guru Gurunay.

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