Importance of understanding and respecting a Systemic Approach.

What is the Importance of understanding and respecting a system? After my last post a friend sent a message on pvt chat.
All that I have to say is.................
 A proper 'System' is a must for functionality of any and all things, people organisations and even this universe. The nature itself is systemic. We humans can have a great life on planet earth if we start understanding the natural systems. 

Thats what our ancestors had been doing for centuries. We also suffer a lot because of our poor understanding of the systems of nature or by ignoring the warnings that the system gives us.

                                  For example the natural system requires the mountain slopes in rainy regions to be covered by thick forests, to hold heavy rains and control the water flow in catchment areas and also to hold soil to keep the mountain side held tightly in place by the roots of the trees and shrubs, to check denudation and floods. But if a man by his ignorance, arrogance or greed has chopped away the forests the nature punishes humans with Uttarakhand like tragedies.
                                  Another point that comes to my mind is our country's political system. When the system to govern free India was being designed and put in place, many scholars like Prof. Shah and others had opposed the kind of parliamentary system put in place in India. 

                                  It is s bad system where Legislative, Executive and Judiciary are so placed as to scratch each others back. As a result corruption is going on in India even today to the extent that several ministers and nearly a quarter of the 543 elected members of parliament had been charged with crimes, including rape and murder.

                              India is suffering because of a 'Bad Huqm', 'A BAd System' made functional to establish order. If we had Presidential form of government just like America and the three main pillars of democracy , that is Legislative, Executive and Judiciary were kept absolutely independent of each other just like in the USA...... India would have been an extremely progressive nation today, instead of an extremely corrupt nation struggling with poverty even after 70 years of independence.
                                                                           ...........................Guru Gurunay aka Basho

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