Time to Think beyond this or that party . Time to Think about India.

                             In a discussion on Delhi elections with a dear friend, who is an AAP sympathizer, and I don’t know why considers me to be a BJP sympathizer,the question of Kiran verses AK in the coming Delhi bout was bound to rise. The discussion became really interesting, as I brought around the symbolism of boxing in to the struggle for Delhi’s throne.  
                            For this particular election, I am cheering for Kiran Bedi and Narender Modi combination. I was not happy with the way AK had been executing his moves in the Lok Sabha polls. I felt that he neither kept his guard up, nor intelligently chose his fights. Like any over confident novice cheered on by his happy go lucky brigade of supporters, being a fly weight champion he chose to to fight the heavy weight champion of the time and got knocked out flat.
                              This is when my friend said that people will come and go. They are not important. A party just one year old will take uppercuts and lower cuts in the ring but still fight on. Both its opponents have been in the ring for more than 60 years.  Jan Sang had also taken more than 50 years to reach this stage. Wait for five years and let us see what happens. BJP will either perform and win or go down. In the end said he, " All that I want is a government that performs."

                      “I could not agree more with you", said I. All that I desire for my nation is good governance and prosperity. We talk about the issues involved and how we can contribute towards nation building. Delhi being the national capital is of special interest to us. Looking at the political developments in the national capital today, one can safely say that Delhi is in a win-win situation. Who so ever wins in Delhi's chief ministerial contest, either Kiran or Kejriwal, Delhi is destined to get a good CM. My only contention is that if AK wins, democracy will stand a good chance but Delhi may not. If Kiran wins, Delhi might just find a good administrator, that it has been looking for. Good for Delhi both ways, but Kiran is a better bet in the present set of circumstances. 

                   If we get down to think about the general political scenario Pan-India, I think it is about time that we start thinking beyond AAP as well. We must think beyond Congress, BJP and AAP. ...........Is AAP not a result of people thinking beyond Congress and BJP ? I think the time to think beyond AAP has also already come. 

                            The new leadership must emerge and it should neither emerge form the poorer classes, nor from the so called rich classes. We must rise above the symbolisms being sold to us, like Gandhi family, Chay vaala, Khaadi wala, jhadu vala, topi wala or the 'Poor man is a good Man' syndrome. We must stop behaving like second rate suckers, chewing at these time tested lolly-pops being thrown at us.  

                               We also must stop comparing Kirans and Kejris at the expense of our own and our nation's precious time. It does not make a difference if any of the leaders has an IIT degree or some one comes from a remote university. Let every aspiring leader fight out his or her case in a public debate, on camera where people should be allowed to shoot questions at them live on television. The paradigm of electioneering in India must also change. We must get over the mega nautanki and slogan shouting road show business.  

                                Let new concepts and new leadership emerge and let it come from people with pure leadership qualities and devotion to India, first and last. All political parties including BJP, Congress and even AAP are saturated with sycophant opportunists, and thus there is little space in them for genuine, truly progressive and patriotic talent. 

                                 We all know how Kiran entered active politics. Many bhajpaayees look at her as a paratrooper candidate. Delhites dont look at her like that because she has been policing the capital for long now. Had it not been for PM Modi's strong personality, I am sure the bhajapayees would not have let the lady enter Delhi, why say party. I appreciate this move by PM Narender Modi and party chief Amit Shah. This is the best tradition that they have started in Indian politics, only if they can maintain it.  Forget it if you were in the party or not, If you have talent we will welcome you and give you a more than fair chance.

                          Now its time to pull the carpet from under the feet of political arrogance. The youth of my nation must realise that BJP, Congress or AAP are not the realities but shadows of backstage players or ideologues. BJP for instance is the shadow of Sangh's ideology and nothing more or less.  It can not but follow the basic guidelines of that ideology which has no space for debate or tolerance. It is a right winged extreme position that they hold. Namo is a forward looking nationalist who may revolutionize the nation, but for doing so he will have to part with extreme right winged thought, to carry forward this very diverse nation, though he is welcome to carry forward the traditions like discipline, service to nation and organisational culture of Sangh. 

                               Congress is the shadow of a political family, a pseudo secular party, which is an expert in running with the rabbits and hunting with the hounds. Their pseudo secularism stands exposed by 1984 riots of Delhi. Their move to demote Lovely and put Ajay Maken in charge of Delhi is a clear signal that they don't expect Sikhs of Delhi to vote for them. Sikhs are bound to go the Akali BJP way in Delhi, so who needs Lovely. Let Maken be incharge, so as to lure some of the anti Sikh, anti minority votes. They wear socialist masks to hide their capitalist money laundering ways, being the masters of the dirtiest political maneuvers. 

                           Let us understand a huge truth here, that AAP too is not a reality, but a mere shadow. There are two realities here. One reality is people like Anna and his agitation giving vent to the common man’s anger against a corrupt and pro-rich, anti-poor system, and second reality is a mega ambition in the emerging Indian middle classes to claim a stake in India's political power circles. Then there is a third reality as well. This reality is common to all parties across lines. Here I am referring to vested interests, hidden faces of different radicalized lobbies, whose main aim is not to serve the nation, but put their remote controlled zombies in seats of power to be in control and effect Indian decision making. 

                                 In the play of all these shadows there is just but 'ONE REALITY' which is eternal. It is the people's anger against an unjust and corrupt system which works for the powerful and rich and crushes the poor and downtrodden. This reality will recast its more authentic shadows in the future. Why should we be sitting on the sides of the ring and be watching these political players take pot shots at each other as they play prefixed matches to entertain and fool the public. Down the line, why don't we form new parties, get in to active politics and be right in the middle of the ring, where the action lies. This is my call to the youth of India.

                                   My only agenda is  'Jaagtey Raho, Jaggaatey Raho', a slogan that I and my friends have devised as our slogan. ‘No party can be the first and the last shadow of people's anger against a corrupt system. If need be, we will recast it again and again, more honestly, more diligently and more intelligently. This is the essence of the democratic process. The pen must never stop writing and the voices must never get quiet. The call for justice in an unjust system must be heard loud and clear if, need be so.
...Vande Matram...
...Guru Gurunay...

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