Who is to Blame for AAP debacle.... AK, Anna, Congress or Bjp.

                            Who is to Blame for AAP debacle? There are many views on this issue but in my opinion, without much further ado, it’s AK who made AAP in a hurry.   Like a storm it came and like a storm it passed.

                           Some people opine that, in its formative days, Gen V.K. and Kiran Bedi are the ones who went to Anna to stop AAP from being formed. In fact it was ANNA himself too who opposed its formation at that time. He knew that formation of AAP at that point of time would be like a premature delivery and the baby might not survive.

                         Speaking from a warrior's view point let us not forget that AK's fist mistake was to go a little too soon for the kill and then not going slow at it when stealth and silence was a bigger requirement than speed and intensity. He thought the winds are on, the sails are full, so let’s take the ship all the way to New Delhi, but all the hoo haa of the movement was destroyed as the ship neither had trained captains nor tough sailors. The ship crashed.

                          To my mind AK, and not Kiran or V.K. acted more like the real team B of BJP because he has done everything to make sure BJP wins.
                        ANNA had been brewing the brew of a peaceful revolution against the system for a long time, and if all concerned had listened to Anna, the situation would have been different. Anna had created a platform where people’s dissatisfaction and anger against the system could be continued as an organized social movement to bring about changes. It could not be so because our Boom Groom boy was a man in a hurry and spilled it all.

                            Some people do argue that, congress itself voluntarily gave support to AAP party to form government in Delhi, and it was the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, who had invited AK to form the government. My point is, how anyone can do something that would go against everything he ever stood for.

                               If team AK had decided that they will never form a government by joining their enemies whom they defeated and stood against, not just in elections but also ideologically, how could they join hands with congress? I still remember, AK had on public television sworn by his children and said that he will never join hands with either Congress or BJP. 

                              My methodologies are Sufism and Zen so to drive home the point let me tell you a story.   Many of my friends are upset over my position on AAP. Please answer the question at the end of the story written by me.

                             A man's daughter was to get married. This girl was most lovingly brought up by her grandfather, who had groomed her and trained her to be a fine young lady. She was well read, well behaved and a strong girl empowered with a free will of her own.

                                        The grand father wanted the young girl to be engaged but not married yet so that she could study a little more and at least finish her higher studies in the university. Father however wanted to marry her to this boy, a rich man's son, because he did not want to miss the chance of being called a rich man's father in law.                         

                                         When the groom’s party arrived they were welcomed but just before the formal marriage could take place the groom and his parents demanded dowry. This enraged the girl and she refused to marry the boy. When the grooms party tried to act funny they got a nice beating from the villagers and were made to run for their lives.

                                              After some months the same boy came back with a letter from the king of that country. In the letter the king had advised that for the good of society the boy should be given another chance....... Behold..... the girl’s father married her to the same boy again. After a few days the girl was burnt to death by the groom and his family.

..............................              My question to my friends is, whom to blame, ..... the girl’s father or the king's letter or the helpless grandfather ? The girl in fact had suffered the most.

                                  The boy and his family in this case is Congress. The girl is the ‘People’s Movement against Corruption’, girl's father is AK, King's letter is LG's letter advising AAP to form the government, and the helpless grandfather who had so lovingly brought up this girl, ‘The Peoples Movement against Corruption’ is Anna. I leave it up to my readers to decide as to who is to blame for this debacle. 

                                            My personal take on this is simple, “Why should I sympathize with an idiot just because he went in to the ring against the will of his coach, got an upper cut and is now lying flat on the floor.........

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