The Delhi Battle.

                                                  The Delhi Battle is on. After the battle lines were drawn, the announcement of the names of battle commanders was the second obvious outcome. The real battle in Delhi, if I may use the martial arts terminology is between  the Cat and the Monkey.  One, a sharp clawed resolute fighter and the other a jumping jack who has often surprised one and all with his moves in the past. 

                                               In the battle for Delhi, to displace a well placed 'Heavy weight AK', on the Delhi's chess board, Namo pitched in  'Crane Bedi'.  Modi has shown his astute political acumen by offering a unique 'Modi-Bedi' combination to Delhites though it was both a winning move as well as a face saving move by Modi. 

                                               How it works out in the ensuing political battle, is a different scene altogether, but if Bedi makes it to the CM's Chamber, Delhi can positively hope to see a huge fall in its crime rate.  Put one good cop in command of things and miracles can happen as far as policing is concerned and delhi does need some serious policing. So far so good.  Modi by doing what he has done has given the best possible gift that Delhi could hope for but only if Kiran makes it to the winning line. 
                                               There are many a slips between the cups and lips.  Namo, willy as he is in his moves has saved him self from the disgrace of losing Delhi,  if it be so, but if we put the face saving part aside,  I can clearly see that, Namo is not only keen on winning Delhi but also keen on delivering what he promised to the nation, 'Good Leadership at all levels. This may take some time but the good work seems to have begun by bringing in Bedi. 
                                                       Now an anlysis of these two fighters who face each other in the arena. Kiran AN Kejri.  Kejriwal looks like a calm guy,  but deep within he is a fighter full of turmoil, thus he lost his aces not once but twice, rather thrice.  First he took the call in Delhi when he should not have. Then he tied up with congress, the ones against whom he stood in the first place. Then he left the defences undefended to engage in Varanasi, and engaged with the heaviest tide of times only to be washed ashore like a dead starfish. In Delhi he had shaken hands with his arch enemies only to be left in the lurch by the letdowns. 

                                                            Kiran has been on many long journeys and has gone through pain and humiliation, but went on fighting. She never gave up either as a soldier, or as a social combatant. She kept her self alive, made herself visible, and made sure she is in the front of war against social evils. She not only has the zeal, but also the acumen to deliver business but her weakness is that she is not good with words. She is bound to screw up this election if at all, by giving some funny statement, as she tries to blabber with the media. She is a great administrator but an unseasoned politicians. This is her Achilles heal. 
                                                              People try and compare these two personalities on superfluous grounds, like who got in to IRS in his fist attempt or who got in to IPS in her third attempt and such fluffy bullshit. The fact of the matter is that AK tried to run this race like the RAbbit, in the rabbit and the tortoise story.  Kiran on the other hand is a long distance runner.  Any long distance runner goes through pain and injury. To teach this , Sufi and Zen masters take their disciples through long and painful walks, even at the cost of discomfort to themselves. Those who can walk it with thorns in their feet always reach the goal.
                                                           Why did Gen VK and Kiran leave him in the first place, many people ask this simple question. One theory is that they were BJP's moles in AAP where as the other theory is that our Muffler man and his few close cronies, some of whom have ditched him now,  were not ready to see any one emerge strong in their top cadre, so Gen VK and Kiran were tactfully made uncomfortable, and shown the door from AAP, not that they left it on their own. 

                                                          If and when you decide to read between the lines or observe the undercurrents, you will easily see through the whole game. What we are seeing as a new development today was in fact, written on the wall, a long time back.  So, if the Monkey wins,  Delhi will not have much to hope for as the big daddy sitting in the center wont support him much. You will get protests and bickering. If the Cat wins the Monkey shall always be there to  protest and oppose any wrong move by the government .The public will benefit more from this arrangement and get better governance.  Yes The Monkey can be a much better king, only if he promises to evolve, and promises to himself that this time he will not kill flies with the royal sword

                                                          This is the ZEN of Politics as on today. We will deal with it tomorrow as it comes. Tomorrow, in any case is another day. 

                                                         CIAO Comrade. Viva Revolution.

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