Do our leaders truly Respect our national Martyrs ?..... An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India. A Rebel's Call.

   Dear Prime Minister Mr. Narender Damodar Das Modi Sir,

                              What made me write this letter to your exalted self is the behavior of our top most leadership this  Republic DAY . These are just a few of the things that have put off thousands of patriotic Indians who believe that some straight talk is very much needed with the  powers that be.   Though I have praised your foreign policy initiatives and many other good things that you have done for the nation  but I do condemn your not being able to rise up to the occasion and pay the minimal respect due to the lady wives of our national martyrs.

                                           Mr. Modi,  I had predicted a long time back that your strong personality and powerful position will be attract spineless sycophants who will humor you with their approvals of what ever you do.   This is your 'Achilles heal'. You need some one around you who can tell you loud and clear," Emperor,  all these people who are praising your dress, with Namo written all over it, are liars. You are actually 'sans clothes' and all those who are gifting you these clothes or selling you these zombie ideas are in fact viruses put in place by your enemies to destroy you.. You do need some bold and honest feed back on your every move so I SHOUT OUT LOUD AND CLEAR THAT MR Prime Minister Sir,   the nation is not very pleased with discourteous behavior from those who have been sent to their  high office by the votes of the poorest of the poor. Now getting to the point

1. If Mr. #Modi could go up to the airport to receive #Obamas, why he and others present on the stage did not get up to extend a courteous honor to the lady wives of Nation's martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for Mother India.  Had you got up for the two ladies, not only would you have risen in the eyes of soldiers and our nation but also also proven beyond doubt that you are a gentleman statesman along with an astute  politician.  Sir your protocol advisers need to be given a piece of advise.  I am sure no one is going to tell you that you were wrong, so I as a person who has been admiring you tell you loud and clear that Mr. Prime Minister Sir, You were wrong and very very wrong. Who were the people in charge of stage management and stage protocol. If there were some, they should be sacked immediately for causing a huge embarrassment to,
 ...............(a)  Lady wives of martyrs.
................(b)  Nation at large.
................(c)  The office (position) of President and PM of India.
                 All that happened simply portrayed that the dignitaries, occupying the high offices, in spite of such a long experience in political and public life, have not learnt their basics well. If the excuse for this is the high office held by VVIP's, Let me make it clear Sir, that there is no office that can have dignity and status over and above the status and dignity of the martyrs of this nation, not even the 'Office of the President'. This behavior was not expected from a leader on republic day who on independence day had announced from the red fort that he is the 'Prdhaan Sewak of the Country'. 

2. Also it was most painful to see Martyr's Wives being made to walk all the way in the rain, stand in the rain as long citations were read while they stood as if till eternity  controlling their emotions, putting up a brave front, listening to what they had brooded over for so long time.  Is this how we treat our martyrs ?

3. In my opinion the martyr's wives should have been made to sit on stage. Could the stage not accommodate two more chairs?....or else the president should have walked down up to where the ladies were, to honor them. Please think about it.

4. It is Important to point out here dear Sir, that many thinking minds today feel that most of our minion politicians are where they are, because of being voted in to high offices by poorest of the poor.  There were people detailed for holding umbrellas for these thugs, made who they are,  by common man's humble votes.  If they could have umbrellas held over their heads, why a person could not be arranged to hold an umbrella over the head of martyr's wives.  I think our politicians think that it is O.K. for the soldiers and officers of defense forces to die of  bullets and their widows to die of indignation.  I fail to understand Sir, whether our system was trying to pay respect to widows of martyrs or embarrass them, as well as snubbing, the armed forces.

5. When the national anthem was being played and every body was saluting the national flag, why our vice president did not salute it,  and if the protocol demands only the president to salute, and others to stand in attention, why did others not do what the protocol demanded of them.

6.  Some politicians, some film actors got Padma Bhushan and other awards this 26 January. What have they done to earn such honors ? I am sharing a true story here to pose a question to your good self as to who deserves the Padma awards more, the politicians and film actors or the father of three martyred sons........ Please read this true story..........
                                                               ...........The helicopter appeared bringing in the father of Shaheed Flying Officer Vikram Singh, who had lost his life in a flying accident. As Mr Lachhman Singh Rathore, 73 years old. stepped down from the helicopter this is what he said to Venki, the Commanding officer of his sons unit, “ You must have taken great care in arranging the funeral of my son and your colleague. Thanks for that. After the funeral, I would like to meet my son's friends, see his room and visit his work place. I would like to sleep, not in the VIP guest room, but in the room of my brave son and return home tomorrow morning.” All officers were amazed at the calmness of this brave father. Later they realized that Mr Lachhman Singh Rathore is the father of three martyrs. His first son Captain Ghanshyam Singh of the Gurkha Rifles was killed in Ladakh. His second son, Major Bir Singh, died in 1965 War. His youngest son, Vikram lost his life in line of duty while flying for Indian Air Force.

.                                                        Has this simple farmer not contributed more to our country than any of these actors or Politicians being awarded the nations highest honours?

                                                             I hope, Mr Prime minister Sir,  my letter makes you spend some time brooding over these serious issues.
                                      Poet Balwant Gurunay                                                                      
                            ...  Jai-Hind. Vande-matram.


  1. Very valid points . We need to bring in the change ,

  2. sir this post is now widely circulated. Can you please tell me something? How a 73 year old man in 2012 have sons who died as army personnels in 1962 and 1965