CIA, Ford Foundation, India and the world............... 'Reading between the Lines'

                                                   International politics is a complicated game of international chess where secret services like CIA of America, KGB and GRU of Russia, M16 of U.K,  ISI of Pakistan, Raw of India, MSM of China, PET of Denmark, Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND of Germany, ASIS of Australia, AIVD of netherlands are some of the major players.
                                               CIA of America by all means is the big daddy of them all. On this chess board spread across the continents, soldiers, generals, mafioso, political leaders, assassins , doctors, scientists, perverted and kinked psychos, gays and lesbians, whores, studs, cleaners, torpedoes, hit men, journalists and professors, Gurus and Babas are all but mere pawns. When, where and how a  pawn  groomed, funded and moved forward by  these secret agencies  may become a king or a queen, is beyond any ones wildest guess. Only condition for a pawn to succeed is to survive the long movement on this chessboard of bribes lies, deceit, murder, sabotage, arson and war.

                                               The madness and the heat of the game can be realized by understanding a simple equation.  CIA in its assessment for 2025 has put India and China as the biggest competitors of U.S.A.  So on one hand we see positive signs of moves by west to derail India’s peaceful rise an on the other, a truth that stares west straight in its face is that  India alone has the political will, circumstances and resources to be a strategic partner of USA. in war against Islamic terror.

                                                    So all that happens in India or its neighborhood is not necessarily  the result of some genuine local issue but could simply be the enactment of a drama, for which the script may have been written at CIA headquarter in Pentagon.

                                                   How does CIA operate? Well to put it up simple and straight, through its operatives, masked as NGOs funded either by philanthropic agencies like Ford Foundation, or big time donors like Bill or Warren or even through agencies based in other nations, seemingly engaged in charity, church work, leadership development in the youth etc etc,  to completely cover up the CIA connection.

                                                   The methods applied by CIA, a super spy, super saboteur and super espionage specialist agency is to legally sneak in and influence their target nations via NGO route. CIA creates influence in the target nations through NGOs  funded by it  through it's brass plate front offices. Technique applied is to stir up anti-national sentiments, pseudo nationalist sentiments via popular agitations and thus put a spanner in the wheels of the government. The aim of this complete exercise is to create new power centers within the system to engage the government and the policy makers with whom the government is forced to negotiate.Other than that the secret service operatives do  come up with many imaginative ideas. For example, we have this fellow called William Van Schengel, a Dutch Professor of Amsterdam University, who floated the idea of Zomia. Zomia is a new country being sold as an idea to the people of hill-region in North-east India, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand. The concept of Zomia is derived from zomi, a term for highlander among Chin-Mizo-Kuki languages spoken in Burma, India and Bangladesh. In no time,  this simple world devised by an Amsterdam professor has become a geopolitical tool.

                                                    The CIA uses philanthropic foundations as the most effective conduit to channel large sums of money to agency's projects without alerting the recipients to their source. A U.S. Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed that nearly 50% of the 700 grants in the field of international activities by the principal foundations were funded by the CIA.  The CIA considers foundations such as Ford to be the best and most suitable funding cover. The collaboration of respectable and prestigious foundations, according to one former CIA operative, allowed the Agency to fund a seemingly limitless range of covert  action programs affecting youth groups, labor unions, universities, publishing houses and other private institutions including some human rights groups as well. One of the most important collaborators of CIA in it's major projects in the cultural Cold War scenario is  ‘Ford Foundation’.

                                                Many political parties across the subcontinent are patronized  by 'FORD FOUNDATION'.  The famous Magsaysay Award was exclusively created in 2000 with support from a Ford Foundation's grant, to honor (or to create an honorable Image) of men and women below forty years of age, whose images could be positively projected in public imagination and then promoted to adopt proactive political roles in their respective nations, so as to be in a better position to promote CIA interests. Magsaysay Foundation to start with was planned by CIA. A declassified document of CIA has already revealed this.

                                            As per the 'HINDU' news paper dated 21 august 2011 a Delhi based N.G.O. has received money to the tune of  $400,000 from the Ford Foundation.  Still more curious is the fact that this N.G.O. has also been directly funded by the Dutch Embassy. Why is Dutch embassy funding and Indian N.G.O.? What is the connection between HIVOS and this NGO and the Ford Foundation? Hivos (Humanist Institute for Cooperation in full, Dutch: Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) is a Dutch organization. What is the core work of HIVOS in reality.  How did the then government allow Dutch Embassy to fund an Indian NGO directly ? It is in the answers to these questions where in hide the secrets of  the penetration of Indian agencies by the CIA.

                                               Another CIA operation uncovered in India was the siphoning of funds from Christian NGO's to the militant groups in the North east. In 1999 Ministry of Home Affairs held a meeting with the various intelligence agencies to ascertain the level of covert support that may be coming to insurgent organizations through Dutch NGOs.  t was observed in the meeting that USA may be promoting non-American NGOs to camouflage its own interests. Dutch missionaries were found active in Tripura.  A Dutch NGO, NCIP(Netherlands Council on Indigenous People) was found providing ample support to various outfits like ULFA, NSCN(IM). Since, most Dutch NGOs were directly funded by their governments, it was quite evident that funds trickling down to militant outfits had and have their sources in the western government.

                                                     We already know by now that CIA is a secret service to protect American interests. What are these interests ? The fact is that we live in a big bad world. First and foremost is to not allow any other nation to be strong enough to pose a threat to America. Western powers have made umpteen efforts not to let Asian countries rise via the higher technology route. For doing so America has perfected a few strategies. I will touch upon a few of them.

                                                 The US had been smart enough to engage  nations in all regions by adopting a policy of co-engagement. This strategy states that all emerging powers of all regions of the world have to be contained by creating conflicts in the region between the most powerful and the second most powerful regional actor. To understand this application one needs to study Iraq operations. The emerging powers of middle east were Iran and Iraq. The strategy was to contain Iran by empowering Iraq, the second most powerful regional actor, and  after it having been used, it was slaughtered at will.
                                                    The 'Hub and Spoke' policy is applied by U.S.A. to engage emerging regional powers. Hub-and-spokes refers to the network of bilateral alliances between United States and other individual  Asian countries. This system constructs a dominant bilateral security architecture where United States acts as a hub and Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India and Pakistan act as spokes, there by creating an arrangement where in there is a strong alliance between the hub and the spoke but no firmly established connection between the spokes themselves thus the spokes connect to each other only via hub and can operate as a functional wheel only as long as they are attached to the hub.
                                                     America also applies the Horse carriage strategy. The horse driver that guides and moves the cart is USA it self via its stooges, the horses. USA ensures that it keeps the leadership initiative with it self. The leader can, 'at will' move alone leaving the trailer stranded in its tracks if so desired or even setting it afire before leaving. it may leave on the horse or shoot it as well so that it may not be used by the enemy. This is what exactly they are doing with Afghanistan via Pakistan. use the carriage, set it on fire as you leave, shoot the horse, that is Pakistan and move on ahead in to Indo-China conflict.
                                                     A pet strategy with the U.S.A. is Offshore balancing. This is a strategic concept used in  international relations where a great power uses favored regional powers to check the rise of hostile power potentials. America's friendship with Pakistan to contain India and now it is now warming up to India to contain China is what this strategy is all about. Off shore balancing can be easily understood by observing the pattern vis-à-vis India and Pakistan; Russia and Ukraine; China and India; China and Japan etc. At the trans-regional levels, U.S. maintains a balance of power among various regional powers by excluding itself so that it remains the arbitrator of the global order.

                                              CIA is the surgical hand of USA to make its strategies truly functional, to do its dirty work.  The weak NATO states like Norway,Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands have served as the front office of CIA through their charitable activist agencies. They function as the key players in Americas containment strategy. Via them CIA funds, grooms, patronizes and operates its undercover projects by involving regional or local NGOs  who put up fights for them and create facades for them in the name of human right violations,  insufficient or flawed democracy, threat from technology to ecology and chemical weapons threats etc etc. The strategy is simple, Finance and promote NGOs in target nations, funded via the front office agencies, based in these northern European states. I call such NGOs or agencies the done up witches of CIA.

                                                  This little case study can give you an interesting insight in to how these agencies operate. There was a time when the Dutch internal agency, BVD and the Americans wanted to help Pakistan build nuclear weapon so as to act as a regional counter-balance against nuclear India. I should remind you how it was the Americans and the Dutch who connived to let the Pak scientist Khan to steal nuclear secrets from URENCO.

                                                 Khan was hired by the Physical dynamic laboratory in Amsterdam during early 1970s. FDO, Amsterdam recommended Khan to work in URENCO, site at Almeto in Netherlands from where Khan began pulling nuclear secrets for Pak-N-bomb program. The Dutch intelligence agency, BVD (Binenlandise Veiligheidsdienst) ran a background check on Khan, neglected to see that his wife was not Dutch, but  South African who carried a British passport. It is learnt that CIA shielded Khan from arrests in Europe.  Khan was sentenced by a proactive Dutch court to four years of imprisonment for stealing enrichment technology from Netherlands in 1983 but the conviction was turned down on technical grounds and under American pressure.
                                             It was only after the 9/11 that the western nations realized the growing radicalization of Pakistan. The fear of nuclear-armed Jihadis gripped them and a fresh investigation was carried out on the nuclear trafficking. Fresh understanding of the  Americans with India is a result of the fear of international terror operatives becoming stronger by the day and India emerging as a 'MVP' 'most valuable player' in this regional hub to fight against terror. At an international level, it has an important partnership role to play in the 'Trinity against Terror'  The 'USA, INDIA and ISRAEL' combo.

                                           Now coming back to Ford Foundation which is by all means a CIA conduit in the Developing world. The CIA considers foundations such as FF to be the most plausible kind of funding cover ups to facilitate its proactive role in the New Cultural Cold War.  It is worth noting that a whole network of NGOs is created, funded, individuals selected, given image makeovers by awarding them, media time brought for them, issues raked, personalities created and destroyed by these secret agencies on day to day basis.

                                          Individual Players are small cogs in this gigantic and intricate machinery of international politics. Populist moment leaders are propped up by secret service agencies by putting huge funds at their disposal, to create  political pop stars at a time when issues like corruption, crime or black money stashed away abroad start gaining upper edge in a nation's public discourse. Some other appeals used by secret agencies are ethnic, religious or regional pride to make suckers out of some folks to mess up a whole big nation.

                                        Some times the results of all these exercises are dot on spot but some  times the results surprise even the players who make the game plans sitting in the CIA headquarters. This is when the biggest movers and shakers get shocked and are forced to recast their plans, forging unforeseen alliances like the one now happening between surprise but happy to meet partners like MODI and OBAMA.

                                       Those who are left behind in this dirty race are consumed by the darkness and oblivion of time to nurse their wounds or just perish. Only one in a million is able to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes to fly high once again or just sit on the topmost branches of the tree of political power trimmed and pruned by the Secret Services of our blessed world.

.............CIAO for now..........
 Guru Gurunay aka poet balwant gurunay aka basho.

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