The coming times call for big and bold changes for India to Survive.

  I have been harping up on systemic changes as the only solution for India to survive as well as grow as a nation. What solutions I purpose ? Are they workable? Have they been tried and tested else where ?

Well yes I do have a practical, pragmatic and functional  proposal for my country, its leaders and youth. We have to make some big changes and absolute choices.i am talking here of a complete restructuring of our constitutional machinery and its functionaries. Yes friends I am talking about  systemic changes.

 I propose two models. US model Ditto.............. and if not that, then the Chinese model Ditto. No in betweens this time. No unhealthy and impractical mix of capitalism as well as socialism. Either this in its best possible form or that in its best possible form,

 These models are not based on theoretical models created by political scientists sitting in their libraries  but are working and functional models available to us, namely America and China.

 Our nation can only truly progress with one of these two paradigms as both these nations are highly successful in their own ways following their own respective systems.  They are politically, militarily and technically the two super powers of today's world.

 Where is India ? In spite of spending billions of dollars on elections year after year our citizens have never been able to get a clean government. India has become one of the most corrupt nations of the world because of our flawed election system in our flawed democratic system.

 Our present system has only succeeded in producing  one crook brighter than the other, one nation looter bigger than the other, who have in turn produced an army of sycophants, with brown nosing Yes-mans one shallower than the other, one more shameless than the other and together these bastards have misruled our nation.

 Result....  a deteriorating national character. After 70 years of our independence, with the ability to export some of the brightest brains to west, our system has not been able to produce a decent helicopter. The Dhruv helicopter is crashing one after the other.

 We have not been able to properly create an ingenious capacity to produce  fighter air crafts, even failing to maintain what we have properly. Every second day one or the other plane crashes because of technical discrepancies.  Do our brave pilots come that cheap.

Take china for instance now. They are manufacturing phones better than the best in the world. Their Red mi, called the 'Chinese Apple' is beating the original on its own turf. Their fighter air crafts can any day give the Americans a run for their money. And where are we, Still trying to shake hands as mere pawns with super players on international chess board.

  We need a paradigm shift, and that too sooner then later, if we can. Namo is the last democraticaly elected leader of this system. Either he will bring changes to improve the system or the national consciousness shall outgrow people's tolerance of the system and there will be a revolution.

 Watch out for 2020. 'Ayye ga BEESA, na RAhe ga MOOSA na rahe fa IISA'  The Christian world and the Islamic world conflict can any day blow up in to a truly mega,  open for all conflict, sucking in any and every body in to it.

 These will be huge conflicts from which India will not be able to stay aloof but get sucked in as if by a vacuum.  Obama's visit is the beginning of that mega drama. This is just but a humble beginning of a long script  which is going to be enacted in the INDO-CHINA region resulting in huge political and territorial recasting. Globally as well as in the subcontinent, India will not be able to survive these hard times until and unless a very strong national spirit is imbibed in it's people. and they work for being the very best in the world, rather than being  mere hindus, muslims, sikhs or christians. India will survive if India, truly unites as a nation full of pride, growing in technology and power day after day. This is possible only if we get rid of this stinking system that we have.

CIAO.... guru gurunay

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