.........USI (United States of India) or FRI (Federal Republic of India)......... Guru Gurunay's Visionary Concept.

For truly long lasting peace and to guard against Chinese threat time has come when USI (United States of India) or FRI (Federal Republic of India) should be formed with all the existing states of India plus the states of Bangla desh, Sindhu desh, Balawaristan (Baltistan + Gilgit), Kashmir, Baluchistan, Makran, Maha Punjab and Waziristan as empowered federal but integral units of this Union. All that is required to do this is that people of the subcontinent rise above their petty insecurities and at least once visualize being part of a truly powerful nation. This country if ever it comes into existence will be more powerful than anything seen before economically and militarily in the world. Its formation will not only bring in an era of regional peace but world peace too. We should not forget that if Indian subcontinental region is peaceful and prosperous, this huge market and supplier of skilled manpower to the world,  could ensure peace and prosperity for the world as well as for the region. if it is disturbed, the world will get nothing but poverty and turmoil.  With China trying to flex its muscles all over, the developed world must support this vision as it is not just a necessity projected by the market forces but is a pressing strategic necessity of the world today. To realise the dream of this great giant of a nation the Indians too are required to do the needful. That is  the Hindus rise above their hindu Rashtra fixation, Muslims rise above their Islamic state fixation, and similarly Sikhs, Tamils and others regionally ambitious politicians rise above their narrow mind sets and their selfish and limiting insecurities and ambitions. The new nation should be reorganised on geographical and linguistic grounds and not on religious or ethnic grounds for it to progress.   'One who obstructs perishes', formula should be applied to take this vision to a rational end.  India and like minded nations of the region should work on this strategy and achieve this goal as a time bound objective within 10 years. All our strategic buildup should be focused on this singular mission and the covert operatives must be highly empowered to build and support this mission pan-continent and destroy opposition of any and all kinds. With this vision and strategy for it in place all regional fundamentalism and terrorism will be automatically taken care of and India shall emerge as a united and big world power. All states shall be free to fulfill their regional aspirations within the framework of the Union as they contribute towards making the Union a prosperous and powerful nation in the world. Jai Hind... Vandey Mataram.

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  1. are u a mad?if nt than plz stop thinking such impossible stuff. earlier iqbal's also imagined such possibilities but soon he got d reality.so he stopped thinking in that manner anymore. i m sure if u read his stuff in depth dn soon u will get those points.may g0d bless u