Slow Justice or Feudal mindset.... what is responsible for Rapes in India ?

A learned retired Judge recently observed on social media that India's feudal mindset and not its failing legal machinery is the cause of rape and other crime against women. My answer to the honourable Judge.

Sir I do not agree with you .... You said Quote,".......  that crime against women will continue (despite all the hue and cry raised against it and despite making harsh laws against it) as long as feudal remnants and feudal thinking persists ......". Unquote               ......... Dear Judge Sahib Today in India the epidemic of rape is not a result of feudal mindset but a failure of our legal machinery. Justice delayed is justice denied but what happens if the justice it self is denied. We have not one but many such cases like Jyoti murder case, Ruchika Case and so many others where the victim and the victims family suffer endlessly and the culprit gets bail. Recently 6 criminals burnt a a girl in Ludhiana  whom they had raped, and they could do it only because they were released on bail by court of law.
                           I fail to understand how a learned Judge of your stature is , trying to give societal reasons to a social evil which is continuing blatantly only and only because the criminal is emboldened due to  a rusted executive and slack legal machinery. I fail to understand why the Nirbhayaa rapists and murderers are still alive. Is that because of feudal mindset ? The day Nirbhaya culprits are hung you will see how the rape rate falls in India. And if every criminal is delivered to his just ends crime will simply disappear.
                              During the times of Rajas the judges may not have had as great a family lineage as you and may not have studied the modern law of today but they were honest and did their job well. Two hangings in a state as a result of quick justice and women could walk the country loaded in gold. How was that possible ?
                                          Increasing incidents of rape in India are purely the result of our bad judicial system where it takes ages to decide cases of such serious nature. Thus emboldened criminals turn serial killers or/and rapists, as they are able to  slither out of the legal net with in no time to further pollute and intimidate the civil society. I hope and pray that the Judiciary takes responsibility for this and does what is expected of it to do....... Deliver quick, decisive and foolproof verdicts, make good prudent and Just Judgements, uphold them and ensures their time bound execution. 
Jai Hind. Vandey mataram.
Poet Balwant Gurunay  aka Guru Gurunay  aka basho

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