Remembering Nirbhayaa and finding Solutions via Sharia Laws..

                                Nirbhayaa, a 23-year-old paramedic was brutally assaulted and gangraped by six persons in a moving bus in south Delhi on the night of December 16, 2012 and thrown out of the vehicle with her male friend. She later died in a Singapore hospital. After so much debate on the media and Nirbhayaa case almost becoming a milestone case in Indian crime history the criminals and crime continues. Every day there is news of some woman being raped and killed some where in India where as hundreds of domestic rapes or unreported ones are never heard of.

                             This is continuing because conviction rate for this crime in India is extremly low.  Rape can be checked or for that matter any crime can be checked if the punishment is exemplary. It is worth noting here that inspite of this case having created an unprecendented public outrage, the Indian judicial system has failed to take the culprits to a just end, an end that could serve as an example for other criminals, thus reducing the crime rate, which is the aim of any criminal justice system.

                                One of the accused in this case, Ram Singh was found dead in Tihar Jail last year and the trial against him was abated. The sixth accused, a juvenile was convicted and sentenced to a maximum of three years in a reformation home by the juvenile justice board. It is worth noting that in this rape and murder the so called juvenile, Pawan Gupta (20) whistled his way out of criminal proceedings, even though he was the most brutal of all the heinous criminals involved in this case. The Juvenile Culprit pierced Nirbhaya's genitals with an iron rod to the extent that he pierced her interiors all through her intestines and mangled her vital organs. Then the gang cut her private parts with blades and proceeded to force themselves on almost a corpse of her as she wriggled in pain and was bleeding to death. They thought they had done away with (killed) her boy friend as well. The boy, Awindera Pratap Pandey was unconscious after being battered with an iron bar as he tried fighting the goons.  Nirbhaya and friend Awinder Pratap Pandey were both thrown out of a moving bus by culprits after this murderous sexual assault...... thrown on the roads of Delhi to be mowed down by other vehicles and the stupid juvenile justice.               
                                    Court ordered the execution of death penalty for just two of the six  convicts in this heinous gang rape-and-murder case. Delhi high court upheld their conviction and award of death penalty by terming the offence as "extremely fiendish" and "unparallelled in the history of criminal jurisprudence" and said the "exemplary punishment" was the need of the hour.   Supreme court could have easily upheld the high court verdict but our ‘Honourable Judges’, 'The Lords' in their grand and Godly magnanimity stayed the execution till further orders                                      
                                           If you ask me, the only way to sort out such criminals is to do things the Saudi Arabian way. In Saudi Arabia those convicted of murder, rape, sodomy, drug trafficking and armed robbery earn a date with the swordsman. Some of us may argue that we Indians can not follow the saudis because we are peace loving people, 'Well we are   fundamentalist !'.   No friends this is not true. A nation where mobs have butchered thousands of innocents in Delhi and Gujarat riots, cut babies out of pregnant mothers, burnt people alive. where in punjab innocent people have been pulled out of buses and shot dead at point blank range, where hundreds were burnt alive in a train set on fire by religious people, 'No we can not said to be shying away from sword or killing fellow human beings'.   Our hitches and glitches in delivering quick justice are simply the outcome of our system which is a mockery of a judiciary and a kleptocracy faking as a democracy. 

                          Many of us term beheading as gruesome. Well gruesome this method indeed is and rightly so because along with delivering justice the aim of any punishment is to instill fear in other criminal minds who might be considering committing similar crimes.  I am all for extreme methods to address extreme ills of society. You may call me a heartless man but here I would like you to think of a surgeon who does not wait for nature to take care of a rotten limb but believes in its quick amputation to ensure that the organism survives,........ in this case the social organism. 

                               Why do I talk of this method of execution.  A learned retired Judge recently observed on social media that India's feudal mindset and not its failing legal machinery is the cause of rape and other crime against women. My answer to the honourable Judge was that in India the epidemic of rape is not a result of feudal mindset but a failure of our legal machinery which delivers delayed justice and in many cases outrightly denied justice.  In 90 percent cases the culprits go scot free after  long and tortuous trials  breaking the victim's spirit to fight and breaking their family's, morally, socially and financially 

                                    Not one but many examples of such cases are there.  Jyoti murder case, Ruchika Case, Geetika case and so many others, where the victim and the victim’s family suffer endlessly and the influential, moneyed and criminal culprit gets bail and roams free to further victimise the victim.  6 criminals burnt a a girl in Ludhiana whom they had raped, and they could do it only because they were released on bail by court of law. But if we consider our honourable judge's observation just for the sake of it, is a feudal disposal of punishment by a sharp sword not going to work wonders in a feudal society ? 
                                  The crime of rape is continuing blatantly in India only and only because the criminal is emboldened. I fail to understand why the Nirbhaya rapists and murderers are still alive. If every criminal is delivered to his just ends in good time the crime will simply disappear. I assure you if Nirbhaya culprits were resting in hell by now the Ludhiana girl would not have been raped and burnt alive, the Delhi executive would not have been raped by a serial rapist who was let loose by indian judicial system after having been netted in a similar crime, and so many other women would not have been raped and murdered. Increasing incidents of rape in India are purely the result of our bad judicial system where it takes ages to decide cases of such serious nature and a system that almost absolutely fails to deliver any punishment. Thus emboldened criminals turn serial killers and rapists, as they are able to slither out of the legal net with in no time to further pollute and intimidate the civil society.
                                             In Saudi Arabia’s Sharia-based law, public beheading is considered a just form of capital punishment. Blindfolded and handcuffed condemned criminal dressed in white robes is made to kneel and after the prayers have been said, with one quick stroke his head is chopped off. This method instills fear of law and the punishment works as a deterrent by instilling fear of consequences in minds of one and all. This is a highly moral thing to do and our fake religious sentiments should not come in the way. For instance Al-Bashoi, the executioner of Saudi Arabia feels he is doing God’s work as he kills no one for revenge. Justice desires the condemned to be killed , someone has to do it , so he does the job. His work does not upset him. There are many people who faint when they witness a beheading but he sleeps well. I think everybody deserves a good sleep after a good days work.

                               Al-Bashoi, your one swift swing not only delivers the culprits to their fair destination but also instills fear of God and Justice in millions of others................ which our slow, snail paced judicial system, at times  corrupt,  at times playing to the gallery, at times sold out to rich and powerful and at times begging for bones thrown by corrupt politicians has failed to deliver so far. We do have  Bashois in India too but we do not have Qazis like yours. Sometimes I wonder if the Indian Bashois will have to be the Qazis and the executioners both, I mean
 vigilante action. I leave it for my readers to decide. 
poet balwant gurunay
aka guru gurunay
aka basho

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