Namo...........................He is Good.


                                      Namo... A leader, An Administrator, A visionary, A Trained Soldier and a well read Political Scientist and a Master Gappu who eliminated Pappu and his gang from the face of Indian Politics. Namo/Gappu believes in application of his knowledge.................. I find him to be the Best PM India has had till now leading an average party administering a messed up nation.                              
                               If NAMO prevails, he could turn India from a Kleptocracy in to a Democracy once again...which neither Kejri and his team of comedians nor Rahul and his team of waggers can ever do. 

                                India's PM does not need the approval of Times magazine. Who cares for Time magazine any way. Many people talking about this magazine have not even read this magazine may be more than once in their lives and many have not even seen how it look like. Indian minds are not as gullible any more as to be influenced by a 'Time magazine Poll'. 
                                 India does not need a teddy bear but a grizzly of a leader and that is what NAMO is. If NAMO prevails, India may once again get back to Democracy from its present Kleptocratic state of affairs, but if his party prevails, well !... they could party and party but India will go from bad to worse. 

                                 So NAmo it’s not about numbers, its about character. Its not your victory we salute but your nationalism and grit and character that gets you respect which sadly quite a few in your party lack, for instance the man who said words amounting to if a woman was molested on an aircraft can the airlines be grounded................ My answer is YES.... or blow that fu**** airline apart.
                                                       poet balwant gurunay aka guru gurunay .

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