All extremists are necessarily not Minorities

Let me bring down your hypercharged pride a little by introducing you to some real warriors. 

Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid, commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion Peshmerga Female Kurd fighters is an amazing woman who heads a battalion of amazing  female warriors. All soldiers in her fauj carry a spare bullet with them to be used on self in case of inevitable capture by ISIS gang. 

Peshmerga literally means 'those who are willing to face death' Suiciders by profession. I06 Peshmerga women’s bn is completely integrated in the Army's hierarchy. As members of an infantry unit, they are trained in heavy and light artillery – pistols, machine guns, AK47s, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), 60 mm mortars. 

The unit boasts of some specialised snipers who are as deadly as they say. Capt. Juana Rafiq is the Training Officer of the Bn. The Kurdish Peshmergas are famous for their female soldiers who battle alongside their male counterparts. 

As a result, they are on the sharp end of the fight against ISIS fighters who are terrified of women fighters as they believe that men dispatched by women don’t go to Paradise. The brave warrior Rehana  dispatched some 100 ISIS men to Dozakh.
So Friends, don't smudge muslims as a community without knowing much about them. Amongst the vast muslim community there are a number of them who oppose extremism as much as you and I do. Remember all muslims are not extremists and all extremists are not muslims 

                                                           ... Motivational Guru Poet Balwant Gurunay.

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