The bitter truth of Indian politics.

Inspite of my undying love and loyalty for  my Mother Land India, Inspite of my most sincere wish that we Indians should be Indians first and last, and that all our other religious, ethnic, caste color,  creed and regional identities must get dissolved in our identity of being an Indian first and an Indian last, the circumstances around me force me to communicate an extremely 'Bitter Truth of Indian Politics'.                              
                      This post is not about minorities or majorities but a simple explanation of India's demographic divide on religious bases and how it has been used for the past decades and is being exploited even today. The post is about Socialism and that in a country divided by caste creed and religion, a country of super rich and super poor the politicians have been winning one election after another on two pretexts.

1. Eradicate poverty where as everything is done to make rich richer and poor poorer so that this slogan stays alive. If there are no poor whom will the politician promise the eradication of poverty to.

2. Political exploitation of communal and caste divide. This is neither going to stop nor change as it suits the indian politician. They come to power under flags and slogans of different hues and colours but their agenda of divide and rule stays simply because it works. So to fully eradicate the scourge of caste, creed, class and religion from its canvas a great nation like India needs a Socialist system where in if someone is asked who are you, his only answer will be Indian and even a mention of anything else like an upper caste or a lower caste, a hindu, muslim or a sikh would be considered anti national. In any form there will be no column for religion, caste etc.
Till this equality is established in the system whatever I have posted in the main post stays 100% true. So please read my post well before commenting on it as the post is not here to beg for likes or dislikes. Like it or dislike it but read what is being said first. Thanks and regards.

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