🚩Indian Army to be reorganized and re-enthused.🚩@ ✒GBG⚔

1.  Army is going to see another extremly Intelligent move by COAS, Gen Rawat. An out of box and very smart idea indeed, the general has come up with.

2.  As the post of Brigadier, is being abolished in the Indian Army, the second big move will be shutting down divisional headquarters.

3.  A NEW LARGER Unit, larger than a brigade but with less bullshit and red tape of a division,   will now be headed by a  younger Maj general. All divisions shall be abolished. A brigade plus, shall be  reorganized  as a 'Task Force', for instantce Task Force-1, TF-2, TF-3 and so on.

4.  This will hugely facilitate the task focused orientation and task-centric training of units at all levels.

5.   These task forces, commanded by young major generals will be more cohesive,  smarter,  trimmer,  leaner, meaner and larger 'Units'of war, with dedicated  essentail elements of war, including Infantry, armoured units, mechanised infantry, artillery, engineers, electric and mechanical engineers,  Signal, intelligence, AD, Attack hepter units etc etc. 

6.  Not only will  unit spirit be achieved at a much larger level, but army's teeth to tail ratio will be greatly improved.

7.  This is a great move forward and a true shot in the arm of  India's cold-start doctrine. Not only will it smoothen the command chains but also make fast deployment, both for offence and defence very practical. General Bipin Rawat is proving to be a true reorganiser and an out of the box General. Bravo
🚩तत्त सत्त अकाल🚩
✒गुरु बलवन्त Gurunay⚔

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