🚩What is Basically Wrong with Islam?🚩Super Secret revealed for the heads of states🕯@✒GBG⚔

🚩What is Basically Wrong with Islam?🚩Super Secret revealed for the heads of states🕯@✒GBG⚔i

1.   Let me set the slate clean right in the beginning.  My finding fault with any religion, for instance Islam or Sikhs is not to find sanction with my Hindu
or Christian friends and my taking on the Hindu malpractices is not to appease my Muslim or Sikh friends.

2.  Having said that let me define most briefly the cardinal flaw in Islam. The beheading of a one year infant by her muslim father, and further stabbing of his wife, the child's mother, a German girl
in a moving train, in Germany itself, and other instances of islamic terrorism is the reason for this post.

3.  The fact, that many of us citizens, and heads of state like Merkel, fail to recognise is that
Islam is not a religion, and Koran is not a spiritual book, but  that Islamis a Socio-Political system and Koran is its constitution or Law Book.

4.  Here in lies the root problem. A muslim migrant from any where in the world, wants to migrate to a developed nation, to find a better living, but he or she steps in to a  more affluent democratic state, having its democratic constitution, carrying along the burden of his theo-state, that is Islam and its law book, Koran.

5.    He or she wants to be an American, Canadian  or German, at thevsane time  continuing to  accept Mohammad as the head of his theo-political state, and at the same time refusing to recognise Trump, Trudeau or Merkel as his President or PM, and at the same refusing to recognise their new nation's constitution as their constitution, over and above the  Koran as his basic Law book.

6.   Unless the Trumps, Trudeaus or Merkels of this world, begin to
 see this extremly clearly, they shall continue to make their nations and citizens victims of Islamic terror and violence.

🚩Truth alone is Divine, Let's face it🚩
©🔱✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔🔱

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